5 reasons to adopt a German Shepherd dog

German shepherd is a known dog breed, and is recognized for its services in different ways in which it works as a police dog, and as a house pet. It plays an important role in protecting the house and family member because it is considered as a hero. Most important thing is that it is the man’s best friend. However, these were some basic specialties which can be found in other dogs too but there are many other features and talents that exist in the German Shepherd dogs.

Adopting a German Shepherd dog? Why?

There are many reasons and benefits to why to adopt a german shepherd dog and how it makes any dog lover to adopt it as a pet, for security, for professional services or sometimes just because of its beauty. Major attractions of the German shepherd dog are listed below:

Less training and grooming

German shepherd dogs are not like other ordinary dogs that need a lot of time gaining training. They require less time in learning. They learn quickly as compared to the other breeds ,German Shepherd listens to his owner and obeys him often and it also enjoys while learning and training process. German shepherd is a beautiful breed with a furry coat of attractive colors, which doesn’t need grooming. The owner of these dogs needs not to worry about its grooming.

Active, healthy with long lives

These dogs are naturally very active, have less health risks and have longs lives. German shepherd actually enjoys running, hiking and specially enjoys having exercises. If it is given a proper diet with exercises there are low chances of their sickness. Mostly they suffer from elbow dysplasia and canine hip dysplasia, both of them can be cured with a proper treatment from a veterinary doctor. This makes them live a long life which is mostly predicted to be between 10 to 13 years.

Intelligent, guards and hunters

These dogs are considered to be a great hunter, a guard with its intelligence. One of the top qualities of German shepherd is that it protects its owner, barks and protects him fearlessly from the enemy. It is very famous for this quality of saving lives of people. They are born hunters and need a little training for learning hunting techniques because this breed is considered as one of the smart do

Popular dog and high adaptability

It is one of the most popular breeds all around the world. These dogs have ability to adjust in every kind of place and weather, furry coat layer helps it to live in any kind of season. These dogs are very friendly and have been proved as a great family member which will definitely stay loyal with them.

Sniffing skill

German shepherds are being used by the police as well as by detectives in order to detect the criminals and to avoid the terrorism. Its built-in sniffing quality lets you find the right target given to him. In short, it is playing a professional heroic role and helps in saving lives of many people all around the world.

These attractions make the German shepherd a naturally skilled dog and that is the reason why most of the people love to own this breed.

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