5 steps that you can do now to have your dog feeling better without drugs

Arthritis is the condition that can occur when your dog faces any sort of damage to its joints. While on the other hand, Hip Dysplasia basically occurs when a joint structure has gone abnormal. It can also occur due to the damage of connective tissues, muscles or ligaments that are present in the hip area. Whenever a dog falls prey to Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis or any other ligament injury then it has to pass through excruciating pain. Most of the dogs get extremely furious due to intense pain that they tend to lose their temper over little things. Such a situation becomes painful for the dog owners too.

 If a dog faces the issue of Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis or any joint injury then it won’t be able to perform its routine life jobs in a normal way. If your dog is passing through such an issue then naturally you might be searching for a painless relief for your dog. Before going any further, you must keep this in mind that general perception is that joint related injuries can be treated with the help of surgeries or strong medication. However there are also some natural ways to provide relief to the dog suffering from these issues, so you must try them before moving on to the surgery.

Natural treatment options

Homeopathic is known to be a natural treatment so if you don’t want to cure your dog with harmful pain-killers or painful surgery then homeopathic medicines are a good option.  Most of the people tend to fear the use of painkillers because painkillers are extremely strong and incur damaging effects on the cardiac system. Apart from the negative effects on the heart, painkillers will also make the internal body system weak as most of the painkillers contain steroids that are very harmful for the health. So instead of going for the painkillers, you must go for homeopathic treatment.

Apart from the homeopathic medicines, you can also provide your dog with joint supplements that will help in the strengthening of the joints of your dogs. Providing food items that are rich in antioxidants are also going to help your dogs in coping with this issue. As a preventive measure, you must provide your dog with food items rich in Omega 3 fatty acids so the body of your dog develops immunity against Hip Dysplasia.

5 steps to help your suffering dog cope with pai

  • You must select a balanced diet for your dog and feed your dog according to the strict dietary schedule in order to keep your dog’s weight normal.
  • You must not force your dog to participate in rigid exercises; instead you must encourage your dog to perform gentle exercises. Make your dog go for swimming as it will also help cope with the pain.
  • Put your dog’s eating bowl and drinking bowl on a higher place so your dog won’t have to bend a lot in order to access the food.
  • Fasten a supporting belt around your dog’s midriff in order to provide it with immediate relief.
  • You must make your dog sleep on a soft surface or get a specialized orthopedic bed for your dog.

After following these five steps, you are going to see instant improvement in your dog’s condition.

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