8 reasons to add olive oil to your dog’s diet

Is olive oil good for dogs like it is for human beings? Should we give a try of olive oil on our little ones? No one of us is unaware of the benefits and healing power of olive oil. This supernatural remedy can help your dog in living a healthy and happy life. A healthy addition to your dog’s bowl of food is on its way!

The following reasons should be kept in mind of why olive oil should be a necessary part of our dog’s diet:

Healthy weight

If your dog is over-weighted, he is at a high risk of developing several diseases.

Olive oil helps your dog to maintain a healthy weight. If he has gained some extra pounds of weight, the monounsaturated fats in this oil will break the inside fat, helping him to lose those extra pounds.

Better Immune system

The immune system helps to fight against diseases, not only in human beings but in dogs as well.

Vitamin E, chlorophyll and other antioxidants, olive oil is quite effective for making the immune system of dogs even better. Vitamin E protects the cell membrane of your dog from the damage by free radicals.

Long life

Good quality food leads to a healthy body which in turn leads to a long life. Yeah, you heard it right. You can increase your dog’s life just by adding a few drops of olive oil in his diet daily. This is because olive oil prevents the damage caused by free radicals. So, what are you waiting for?

Add olive oil in your dog’s bowl for more year of togetherness.

It tastes yummy!

The taste of Olive oil matches the taste buds of your dog and what’s better than that. If your dog is having bad taste due to any kind of illness, olive oil can help. So, grab a bottle of olive oil as soon as you can.

Healthy skin

Olive oil not only helps to improve the immune system but it takes care of your dog’s skin as well.

It not only moisturizes your dog’s dry skin but also brings shine to his dull skin.

If you want his furs to be super smooth then, olive oil is a must. You may either mix olive oil in his food or you can apply it directly on his skin.

Brainy food

Aging is a natural phenomenon. Who is not worried about getting old? Aging is not only for humans but for dogs as well. If you are having a dog pet, you must be worried then by every passing day. Olive oil slows down the procedure of decline in your dog’s cognitive function helping him to perform better. It is highly recommended for older dogs but is quite healthy for younger dogs as well.

Improved thinking

Just like the fats found in fish, olive oil also contains good fats. These fats help to improve the thinking of your dog. It boosts the production of your dog’s brain. It is good for old dogs to keep them smarter and sharper. If given at an early stage in your dog’s training, olive oil helps them to be more focused. It helps them to grasp new concepts and new things more easily. It not only improves their concept grasping ability but also improves their attention towards things.

Make your dog intelligent by providing him food rich in olive oil.

Prevention against diseases

Olive oil is not only helpful in maintaining weight but it also helps your dog in diabetes prevention. The monounsaturated fats which are reducing weight by breaking down the inside fats in your dog’s body are also reducing the sensitivity of insulin. Olive oil not only performs this job but it also protects your dog against heart diseases. It is keeping your dog’s heart healthy by improving his blood circulation. Olive oil also protects your dog against cancer, which is a horrible dream for every pet owner. In addition to all this, it helps dogs in breathing properly by improving and giving a boost to their respiratory system. Asthma is a common respiratory disease that can be prevented by including olive oil on your dog’s diet.


Being a dog owner, you are surely worried about your dog’s health. You will try your best to provide him with the best diet to maintain his health and to keep him happy. Olive oil is essential for your dog’s health. Having a lot of benefits, it protects your dog against a lot of diseases. So, why are you worried when there’s a natural remedy available in your home with so many soothing qualities. Bring a change in your dog’s diet for a healthy happy prolong life.