What are the benefits of pet therapy?

What is pet therapy?

How do you feel if you come to know that your pet is able to help you live a healthy life? Yeah, you guessed it right. Pets help us a lot in recovering from illness and mental disorders. They are in fact a real blessing to us, making us emotionally and mentally stable. An interaction between a man and an animal that is trained is termed as “Pet therapy”. This interaction is guided. It is also known as “Animal-assisted therapy”.

Which pets are used in therapy?

Dogs and horses are most widely used pets for such kind of therapies. Cats, rabbits, dolphins and many other animals are also in use to reduce depression and to boost up mood. The involvement of which kind of pet depends mostly on therapeutic goals.

Who should try pet therapy?

  • Mental health patients
  • Chemotherapy patients
  • Chronic disease patients
  • Cardiovascular patients
  • Stroke victims
  • Chemotherapy patients
  • Chronic disease patients
  • Stroke victims
  • Physical health patients
  • Patients going through physical therapy

Cost for pet therapy

In order to train your pet and to get register for the first time you have to pay the following cost:

  • Cost for handler course
  • Cost for therapy team evaluation
  • Registration Cost

If you are already registered, then you have to pay renewal fee probably after two or more years. There are a lot of centers who do such trainings. For example: National Capital Therapy Dogs.

Let us discuss their cost to have a more elaborate view. They charge $70 for handler’s course, $100 for dog training course, $20 for evaluation and $75 in case of renewal.

If you want to enjoy a pet therapy session for almost no cost but registration fee, must join the one being held at your university. Students voluntarily bring their certified pets to universities for such therapy events.

Benefits of pet therapy

  • It helps us to improve self-control.
  • It reduces anxiety.
  • Pet therapy can protect our self-esteem and can improve it
  • Self-love should be our first priority. Pet therapy helps us to understand self-love.
  • It reduces the need of taking medicine.
  • Pets help us to become more socialize. Talking and cheering with them is end fun.
  • Pet therapy improves our physical health as it motivates us to take care of our pet. To feed him, to play with him and to give him time are the most common activities involved.
  • Pet therapy let us be humorous. It lets us having fun endlessly.
  • Pet therapy reduces our blood pressure as it helps us relax.
  • It also controls our heart rate.
  • Pet therapy makes us forget about our problems. It diverts our attention towards pet.
  • Pets always leave a calming effect on humans and it start redeveloping human behavior.
  • Pet therapy promotes communication. In this way, even introverts start sharing some of their thoughts with others.
  • It helps us to improve our personal and professional relationships. As we become attach to our pet, we never like to stay alone again.
  • Pet therapy helps us to forget bad memories of our past. Any unpleasant experience which is embedded in our subconscious can be removed by it.
  • Pet therapy provides us with psychological benefits as well. The love of an animal completes our spiritual wishes.
  • Pet therapy reduces self-consciousness.
  • It helps students to focus on their studies even better. While taking a break from studies, it is one of the most relaxing activities which motivate students to put more energy in their work when they start it again.
  • It reduces our judgmental behavior. People who are more judgmental stop doing all this stuff because of the environment they are provided with during their sessions.
  • Pet therapy provides people with comfort.
  • It helps us to recover from joint pain as it motivates physical involvement.
  • It not only develops but also improves our social skills.


Love is the only thing which has the power to bring even a non-living to life. Pet therapy involves the love of animals, making people happy and relaxes. It not only motivates you to indulge in nature but also help us to recover from unpleasant experiences.

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