Cat diarrhea: Causes & prevention

There are so many different reasons for a feline to get diarrhea that simple cases can be totally different from severe cases and each instance should be taken care of immediately.


For some cats the cause of diarrhea is nothing more than something it has eaten. While with others the cause is completely different in the event that the cat has a gastrological disorder of some type that needs to be taken care of to cause the prevention of further forms of diarrhea. Further causes of cat diarrheacould be hereditary while some could also be hereditary. Yet other causes of diarrhea could be due to allergies. However, a cat that is having diarrhea shouldn’t be having it very long. If diarrhea is persistent then a medical opinion is probably the way to go for answers about the matter.

What veterinarians might do for prevention?

While veterinarians have done research on the cause and prevention of cat diarrhea there has really been no real study done to find an absolute cure. Cats get diarrhea all the time it is just something that happens. While there are medications for certain disorders that cause the diarrhea. And these medications can prevent the diarrhea from returning for a while. Veterinarians will probably also change the diet of the cat as well as the food intake while the cat has the diarrhea. This will help maintain a proper weight or to help keep the feline hydrated. Then when the cat is better and well again it will go back to a different diet. In such cases of having a gastrological disorder that causes the diarrhea then the veterinarian may alter the cat’s diet indefinitely.

What you can do?

People who love their cats will go to great lengths to keep them happy and healthy. This also plays a great role in the cause and prevention of a cat’s diarrhea. If they are eating properly and the right amount they shouldn’t have digestive problems. Just as humans have feelings of stress and emotional pain, cats can have these same issues. In addition, be sure that where they are going to the bathroom is clean and changed out frequently so as they are not going in a dirty litter box. This too could cause complications and reasons for a change in their behavior. For the most part, watch what your cat is eating.

Don’t change brands of food once you have started feeding it one specific kind. This can cause diarrhea too. You shouldn’t give your cat food intended for humans either there are some foods that cats just aren’t supposed to have and this isn’t good for their digestive system. For more information about the causes and prevention of cat diarrhea ask your veterinarian they can help our and also be of service if your cat is sick and actually has diarrhea too. The best part is most cats recover from having diarrhea and it is not a serious illness.

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