Cat forgien objects eaten by my cat, what do I do now?

There are symptoms and signs and the foreign object looks good. Or the feline might be suffering from malnutrition of some kind. And even yet it could go as far as being a simple accident and the cat didn’t mean to eat the foreign object at all.

Symptoms of your cat eating a forgien object

There are several warning signs that your cat has eaten a forgien object. It could start vomiting right away or perhaps even start choking. Your cat could also develop diarrhea or have loose bowel movements too. If you think your cat has eaten or swallowed a forgien object be sure to keep a close eye on it to see if it will be able to pass the object, if not you will have to take it to the veterinarian immediately.

Not passing a forgien object

If your cat is unable to digest and pass a forgien object it could be fatal and life threatening.  This is sometimes called forgien body obstruction. Some of these indications and symptoms might include abdominal pain and pressure, diarrhea, vomiting, and illness. The cat will be very weak too.  It will show a very aggressive behavior towards humans as well. Blockages can be partial or they can be full but both are critical and require a veterinarian’s attention and experience. Without any type of treatment the cat can have permanent problems with its intestines and bowels. And in some cases it is fatal.

Getting treatment for a forgien object

Once a veterinarian is called into the situation an x-ray of the cat’s abdominal area will be taken to find the forgien object. Then, if the forgien object is still in your cat’s belly the veterinarian will cause the cat to vomit in hopes of dislodging the forgien object. If this doesn’t work and the forgien object is already in the intestines then surgery is the next step.

Keeping your cat safe

The best thing to do is keep your home or where your cat lives, cat proof. This means keeping foreign objects that you think your cat might just find appealing put up. This way it won’t mistakenly eat it and get sick. Many times a cat eating a foreign object could have been avoided if the opportunity wasn’t there in the first place. Many veterinarians also have literature out now for pet owners to kitty proof their homes so they don’t run into this problem too. String and other things should be kept up so your cat can’t chew on it and digest it; this too is not good for your cat to eat. And, always make sure there is nothing foreign around where you feed your cat and leave its water dish this way it knows where it is supposed to eat and you don’t have to worry about what it is eating.

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