Cat poisonous plants, what to do if your cat eats it?

There are many things cats love to do. One of those things is digging in dirt. Cats are cute animals and make great pets but they have a way of getting into a lot of things. In your eyes you decorate your house with plants to make your home look pretty not considering if they are poisonous to your pet or not but you should think about that point for a minute if you really want to keep your pet safe.

Cats have a problem with being too curious with things and a bad habit of tasting things at least once to see what it tastes like. In addition, they might grab at a leaf just to see what happens. If nothing serious happens then they will continue to play, and if the plant is poisonous this could be fatal on their part. The plant could be listed as harmless however if it isn’t, are you willing to take that chance?

Why plants are eaten?

Cats will eat a plant simply because it is there. It can have access to the plant and the cat can reach it. As with a child you have to kitty proof your home when it comes to your pet. You want it to be safe. You can get a list of poisonous plants from most greenhouses or garden centers located around you. They are more than happy to assist you.

If your cat ingests a leaf or poisonous plant

Some veterinarians will tell you to attempt to make your feline vomit however this doesn’t always work. The best thing to do is immediately take your cat to the nearest animal hospital or veterinarian’s office. Sometimes, the cat doesn’t ingest enough to kill it and they only get very sick however the cases of this are very slim and the outcome is usually fatal.

Does it matter how old the cat is?

No, the age has no bearing on the fact of a cat ingesting a poisonous plant or not. Some people say a younger cat is stronger and can fight off certain things more so than an older cat but there is no documentation that proves this.

The best thing a cat lover can do is keep the track of your plants. Be sure if you are going to have plants they are not poisonous to your cat. Also, make sure the plants are placed in an area that isn’t as accessible to the cat and out of reach if you can. If the cat can’t get to it the cat is safe too. In conclusion, know your plants. And, if your cat is going to be in the yard outdoors, know what plants are out there too. The cats will attempt to play around and dig or eat those there too. They are smart little critters and know more than you think.

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