Cat pregnancy period and new born kittens care

Cats that are pregnant are sometimes called queens. And, if she is more than 8 years old she is going to have a hard time with her pregnancy. It is also hard to tell how far along her pregnancy is unless you are a veterinarian or you know the last time she was in heat. If she was a stray that you took in because she was pregnant that will be hard to figure out. However, if she is your own cat you might be able to determine an approximate due date for the kittens. Below is mentioned some more pregnant cat info to let you know how to care the cat and newly born kittens.

You will need a safe spot

A safe spot is a place where the kittens will be born and confined as they begin to grow. A place where the mother and the kittens will be safe from little kids, other cats, dogs, and any other obstacles, at least until they are big enough to fend for themselves.

As they get bigger, they will venture out farther from their safe spot, is your home big enough to be equipped for more than one cat? These are the things to think about when you have a pregnant cat on your hands.

How long does it take before the kittens arrive

Not long at all. Consider between 57 and 63 days. That’s not long at all. Then, the fun begins. Considering the meowing, the extra bedding and you don’t know how many kittens will be in the litter. You should also take them to the veterinarian to make sure they are all healthy and when the time comes they will need shots too. Having a pregnant cat is a big responsibility.

The number of kittens in a litter can range from only one kitten to eight kittens! That’s right so be prepared. Sometimes a veterinarian can attempt to count heads on a pregnant cat but this isn’t always easy and the mother cat isn’t always cooperative either

Feeding time

After the kittens are born they will nurse on their mother until they are old enough to start trying to eat solid foods. You can try them on moist soft foods at first and then moisten dry cat food if you prefer. Or you can wait and try them on solid cat food at a certain point in time.

For the most part having kittens in the home is hard work. But it is a lot of fun too. And a learning experience as well. You have to consider giving the kittens away after they reach a certain age too. So, don’t let yourself get too attached to the wee ones.

In conclusion, some mother cats get a little aggressive at first when it comes to her kittens. She doesn’t want anyone handling them or messing with them. This will change with time. In just a few short weeks she will be more than willing to have the help.

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