5 Reasons Why Honest Paws is the Best CBD For Dogs

With the recent popularity of CBD products and usage for human conditions, there has been increasing interest in the effects of CBD on household pets like dogs and cats. There has been anecdotal evidence from various consumers suggesting that CBD helps in the treatment of multiple canine conditions like pain, anxiety, seizures, and arthritis, etc. 

Multiple products are available in the market, catering to the needs of pet owners who want to get excellent quality CBD products for their dogs. Honest Paws is one such product that produces the desired health effects in dogs and is known as one of the best CBD oils for dogs.

Read on as we take a look at 5 reasons why Honest Paws is the best CBD for dogs.

High-Quality CBD

Honest Paws is one of the highest quality CBD oils available in the market today. The CBD extract used to create this product is 100 percent organic and contains authentic, natural CBD without any added chemicals. 

Safe & Non-Toxic

Honest Paws is 100 percent safe for use in dogs and contains natural CBD as its core ingredient. The hemp used to make this full-spectrum hemp oil does not contain any agricultural pesticides. The product is entirely soy-free and corn-free.

Human Grade

Honest Paws might be designed for canines, but it is subject to the same standards of quality assurance and processing as all human CBD products. 

Lab Tested

Honest Paws is subject to rigorous lab testing and optimization to ensure its safety for animals. Lab testing is conducted by highly trained professionals who refine the product and make it fit for animal consumption. 

Perfect for All Canine Problems

Honest Paws is the perfect solution to all canine health issues. You can use Honest Paws for the following disorders:


Honest Paws helps in reducing anxiety in dogs, helping them overcome their fears and bond with their pet owners and other animals. If your pet is shy and has stranger-anxiety or any other phobia, Honest Paws can be helpful.


CBD is beneficial for the management of conditions that cause pain in dogs. Honest Paws helps in decreasing the pain associated with injuries and bone and joint disorders like osteoarthritis. Reduced pain can make your dog more active, healthy, and ready to take on the world.


Honest Paws is also helpful in reducing pain and improving other physical symptoms associated with canine tumors. The dog owners who give CBD to their dogs in cancerous conditions report a faster and better recovery as compared to normal cases. It is thought that CBD prevents the spread of tumors throughout the body. 


Honest Paws is ideal for the treatment of seizures in dogs. CBD acts on the receptors in the nervous system and decreases the chances of getting seizures in the future. It also leads to a decrease in the duration of epileptic episodes. The beneficial effects of CBD in the treatment of epilepsy in animals are currently under study at various veterinarian institutes in the world. 

You can learn more about the benefits of CBD for your pets over at The Green Dragon.