Chinese Chow dog, why to adopt it?

Fluffy-lion dog referred to as the chinese chow dog originated from the north china and is considered the oldest breed. Their class has also been stated as the “Dog of Tang Empire” and is mostly recognized as the Black Mouth Dog. They are best known for their introverted quality and scowling appearance. Chow is an extraordinary chum if you establish a connection of reciprocated respect for each other. They have a sturdy independent personality.


Stout built broad pate and wedge-shaped ears, a curling tail and firm gait, is also known for thick dual coated fur giving it a unique ruff look. The coat around the neck is denser and resembles the look of a lion. Hair of the chow dog may be of variety of colors like cinnamon, red and blue. Average height of the chow dog is between 17-20 inches and weighs about 46 -70 pounds. The most prevailing feature of the Chinese chow dog is its black-purplish tongue.

Hostile behavior

They tend to have an antisocial behavior due to their defensive instincts towards outsiders and are possessive about their owners. They have a very keen sense of distinguishing the abnormality and may bite if feel endangered. One false step in the handling, training, breeding or management of this dog turns out to be deadly. They were used as hunter dogs in the early eras.


Chows are strongly independent creatures and avoid being pushovers. They are stubborn, dominant and gritty but are not likely to be energetic. Socializing in early age may let them to be adjusted in the given environment as, rejecting authority, when reaching adolescence can be quite bit of a problem.


To maintain a perfect health there must be some kind of activity for the dog. Several walks in the park may fulfill the requirement. Train this breed to be polite with others by socializing them with the outside world but keep them indoor if the outside weather is hot as they cannot tolerate heat. Teach them about respecting their owners and supervise them habitually.


To keep their coat in fine fettle one must brush them thrice a week or more to eliminate dead hair, as they shed a lot during spring and fall. A veterinarian permitted conditioner must be used while grooming and regular bathing is required for healthy buildup. To prevent the tartar accumulation and destructive microorganisms frequent teeth brushing is essential. Trim their nails frequently.


High quality food must be provided with right amount of nutrients to ensure your chows health. Most of their diet must consist of consumable proteins. The amount of food for the dog depends upon the physiological characteristics like size, age, and metabolism

They are most likely to be exposed to various diseases like glaucoma, lymphoma, juvenile cataracts, gastric cancer, canine hip dysplasia and diabetes mellitus. They are periled by autoimmune disease and have tendency to catch skin melanoma. Lice and fleas can be a risk due to their fluffy coat.

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