Commercial dog food: What is safe, what to avoid?

According to the recent research by the American Pet Association around 40% of the dogs suffer from the issue of obesity. Around 46 to 49 percent of the dogs suffer from cancer and other epidemics. Dogs fall victim to these diseases due to unhealthy type of food that they consume in their routine life. Most of the dog owners prefer to feed their dogs with homemade food but there are also many owners who don’t get enough time to prepare dog food at home so that’s why turn towards commercial dog food.

If you also feed your dog with the commercial dog food then you must make a careful choice regarding which type of commercial food to feed your dog with. Not every type of commercial food is good and safe. Below mentioned guide of commercial dog food will provide you with a deep insight into the types of commercial dog foods that are good and that are bad for your dog.

Heavily processed food is bad

Fast food items or we can also say that heavily processed fast food items are really bad for our dogs. Just take a look at the side effects of these fast food items on the health of humans. Stomach cancer, obesity, diabetes, hypertension are some of the common side effects of these food items. If humans get so much affected by the harmfulness of fast food then how can we expect dogs to stay healthy after eating heavily-processed food items?

Human food is safe

Most of the dog owners and vets are of the opinion that human food is safe and extremely beneficial for the health of your doggy. The rumors about human food being bad for the dogs have been spread by the manufacturers of commercial dog food. So you don’t need to believe on these baseless rumors and make a little research on the nutritional requirements of the dogs. The nutritional requirements of the dogs are very much similar to a human being so if you are going to provide your dog with a balanced human diet then you just need to make some little changes in the food.

Commercial dog food suggested by your vet might not contain high quality

If you are feeding your dog with the commercial dog food suggested by your vet then it doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of that dog food might be high. Vets are not so highly qualified when it comes to the nutritional balance present in the dog food. The entire information they get about the commercial dog food products usually comes from the sales reps, commercial dog food manufacturing companies, pet food seminars, and internet. So mind it that your vet might not know which commercial food item is good for your dog unless he himself has experimented that dog food on his own dog.

Kibble is not the teeth cleaning tool

Few years back a study suggested that kibble might be god to keep your dog’s teeth clean but in fact this is not the case.

If you tend to provide your dog with kibble in order to avoid the effort of brushing its teeth then you must instantly ditch this habit or your dog will lose all of its teeth.

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