Cute German Dog Name Ideas For Your Puppy

If you have a new family member in the form of a dog and you want to give him a unique German dog namethis article can help you in finding the name for your puppy. German shepherd is considered the smartest type of dogs among the variety of dogs all around the world. They are also called police dogs because they are smartly trained to help police to arrest criminals and expose weapons and drugs. They are also very fun loving and responsive family pets.

German shepherd, as its name suggests, are basically from German but now a days they are found everywhere in the world. As Germans do not only have this variety of dogs as pets but they do keep other varieties of dogs as well. There are many beautiful German names for dogs that Germans usually give to their pets.

Before giving the name to your dog you must have to follow some of the instructions. One of the most important instructions is that if you have bought a little puppy for home and you want to give him a cute name because those puppies look very cute and sweet. In that case always remember that in adulthood of your dog that sweet name would not suite with him and it can sound awkward.

If you have a German shepherd that will grow as a large sized dog then give him such a name that will always fit him even in the rest of his life. And if you have a variety of dogs that will always look cute and adorable then you can give them a cute German name.

Some of the good German dog name ideas are: Frigg, Venus, Aker, Ares, Nike, Menthu, Athena, Magni, Vidar. There are many different general names also that give dow owners a variety of names amongst which they can choose the best that suites their dog. Among these names some can simply be fun words whereas other might be traditional names.

Some of the suggestions for dog names in which you might be interested in for your own dog are mentioned below with their meaning:

Mitzi: A common dog name in Germany that is the derivative of Mary or Marie. It is somewhat funny and easy to pronounce for calling your puppy.

Fraulein: This means female that’s why this is best for female puppies. It is gender specific but it is usually understood by other people and is easy to call.

Many German names for dogs are decidedly male or female so it is important to know the gender of the dogs before assigning names to them.

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