Different types of bird seeds for different birds

Birds eat different kinds of things however some typical kind of seeds are considered to be the main ingredient of their food. Some specific species remain alive at the intake of some typically specific bird seeds and it is very harmful to give other food items to such kinds of birds. It is very important to know about the different kinds of seed for the birds before giving them food to eat.

Commonly, we provide the mixture of seeds to the birds as the variety of seeds and food is important and essential for their health. The seed of the garden birds differ from that of the wild birds. Similarly, the bird seeds which we can give to hummingbirds cannot be suitable for the nightingale’s species. Therefore, it is good to learn the food for the birds before feeding them properly.

Types of bird seeds

There are numerous kinds of bird seeds however we commonly provide some general types of seeds and their mixture to the birds at the cages, bird tables, gardens, parks and the bird houses. Following are some of the common types of seeds.

Nyjer seeds

These types of seeds are among the most common, healthy and easily available bird seeds. Nyjer seeds are highly rich in oil and fats. So, they are good for the birds which need more energy to fly high in the sky. Generally, goldfinches are fed with these types of seeds.

Sunflower seeds

Black sunflower seeds are recommended for the birds of almost every kind because they are best suitable for the health and diet of the birds. They are not only rich in energy and oil but also good for the fulfillment of the required heat energy for the birds. They are available in various shapes and forms and are most suitable in raw form for the birds.

Millet seeds

Millet seeds are the best kind of seeds for the birds which need small sized seed for themselves. They are the small sized seed which are given to the garden birds like sparrows as well as the birds like gold finches, doves and other ones.

Peanuts as seeds

Peanuts are also categorized as bird seeds. In their raw form peanuts are highly suitable and favorable for the different kinds of birds whereas in their refined form they are generally harmful for the various species of birds. Roasted peanuts should never be given to any kind of bird as bird seeds because they can cause different kinds of injuries and diseases to the birds. Crushed peanuts are very much good for sparrows, wood peckers and other birds.

Precautionary measures

One of the main and important preventive measures to be taken while feeding the birds with the bird seeds is to take care of the weather conditions and climatic features. Many times the winter bird seeds are not good during the summer times. So, it is advised that the bird seeds may be checked and recommended by some expert for providing them suitable and healthy diet.

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