Dirty Dog Grooming Tips At Home

We think that only human beings need to keep themselves clean and groomed but this it is not true. We should also pay attention to the grooming of our pets especially dogs. According to many vets, dirty dog grooming is a very important aspect of the overall personality of a dog that introduces him as a well groomed and well grown dog in the pet society. Some of the dog grooming tips are mentioned below to help you maintain your dog in a better and proper way.


Bathing is very necessary but here all dog owners are making a mistake. They think that giving bath to their dogs on frequent basis is good enough. This is wrong because bathing dog too much will decrease the oil on their skin. Yes! It is true. There is a very special kind of body oil present on the skin or you can say the coat of a dog. Frequent bath will reduce this oil. So, you should try to give them bath only once in a month with a great care.


Brushing dog hair is also of much importance. Regular brushes will enhance the beauty of dog’s coat as well as hair. There can be very prominent stimulation in the surface of dog’s skin. Brush dog’s hair only once in a week. Brushing is regarded as most important step for dirty dog’s grooming.


Trimming of dog’s feet can also be considered if your concern is to groom your dog at home. It is very beneficial if you trim feet of your pooch on regular basis. There are multiple benefits of trimming a dog’s feet. His feet will not only look nice but this trimming will also reduce salt’s amount. Amount of rocks, stickers, tar and ice balls can also be reduced for sure. For this purpose, you can use scissors in order to trim the dog’s feet perfectly. Here one thing to keep in mind is that avoid trimming the pads of feet along with the toes.


Nails also grab much attention. If your canine has very long nails then it will be very difficult for him to walk. This situation can easily lead to broken toes and fingers. In order to avoid all these issues, clip the nails of your dog on regular basis. Dog nail clipping has some other benefits too. For example, clipping nails, you will have your carpet in its original form otherwise nails of the dog will tear your carpet of. Clipping of dog’s nail is prescribed to be after every 15 days. There are different nail clippers present in the market for this purpose. You can go for any nail clipper by keeping the shape of your dog’s nail in mind.


Ears are considered as the most neglected part of a dog’s body when it comes to hygiene and grooming. You should pay attention to this part as well. Cleansing of dog’s ear should be done three to four times per month to get rid of dog ears smell. Cotton balls will be best to do this very task. Here, the majority of dog owners do a common mistake. They use water while cleaning dog’s ear. You should not go for using water as ear is a very sensitive part of the dog’s body.

Following the above mentioned dog grooming tips will let your dog grow in a correct manner in the society.

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