Dog allergies that affect pets health

Most of the vets say that the dog owners use to come in order to treat their dog of some allergies. Dog allergies itching is a very common problem in majority of the dogs. These dog allergies can even make the dog’s life miserable in many cases.

You don’t pay much attention to the pets health or when your dog is scratching some of his particular body part with something else. You think that he is cuddling with himself. Whenever you notice such a thing, you should not let it go. You should observe your dog and if that scratched area is red then there is definitely an allergic issue. You should pay attention to it immediately and consider your dog’s vet. Below mentioned are some common types of allergies in dogs and their treatments to get rid of these allergies.

Types of dog allergies

  • Flea allergy is considered as very common among dogs. Only some fleas can the cause of a very severe itching. These are sometimes found at the skin or in the hair of the dog. When the dog chews at any of his body part’s skin, these fleas get wounded and cause allergies.
  • Atopy is the second most common allergy found in dogs. It occurs when a pooch inhales pollens and dusts. This allergy is very much like hay fever found in people. Common dog allergies symptoms of this allergy include runny wyes, itchy ears, itchy skin, licking of feet and sneezing. This type of itching is seasonal and comes with specific season but if it is not treated then it can keep on irritating your dog throughout the year.
  • Food allergy can also be considered in this regard. It is caused by unhealthy food items eaten by the dogs. Food allergy does not mean that your dog ate something unusual or bad. It can also be caused if same kind of food is given to the dog for a very long period of time. Excessive intake of same food item can also cause this food allergy. In order to cure this disease you must examine the eating habits of your pooch so that you could know the exact allergic food item.


  • Dog allergies treatment includes antibiotics to improve the condition of his skin.
  • Medication is also very effective. Antihistamines as well as corticosteroids are considered as best for the reduction of skin itching for your dog.
  • For the improvement of dog’s skin health, try to give fish oil to your dog. It is a kind of dog allergies home remedy. Massaging with this oil is also good.
  • Shampoos based on oatmeal are very helpful for improving the condition of dog’s hair.
  • Vets use to give injections to these allergic dogs as well.
  • Atopica drug is especially made for the treatment of atopy in pooches.
  • Keep the dog far away from those things that are the cause of allergy in him.

Following the above mentioned tips for preventing allergies in your dog can safe your pet from some huge bad happening with his skin such as skin cancer.

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