Effective home remedies for dog bites

Asafetida Powder

Asafetida powder is another very useful home remedy in treating a dog bite wound. A sprinkle of it works like a magic in treating the bitten wound area.


Banana is a very rich source of the vitamin B complex. This vitamin B complex plays a very vital role in our body to produce antibodies and thus aids in treating any resulting infection of a dog bite from within.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is another readily available ingredient that can be used very effectively to treat dog bite. Making a paste of 20 soaked black peppercorns; alone or in combination with some cumin seeds, and applying it over the dog bite wound works brilliantly to prevent subsequent infections.


Burdock is well known for its effect in neutralizing and subsequently eliminating any toxin or poison from the body. Adding 10-15 drops of burdock tincture in water or a cup of tea and consuming it 3-4 times a day provides great result in day treating dog bite

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are well known for their anti-toxin effects. This exact reputation can well be used to counter the ill toxic effects of a dog bite. Application of a paste of 2 teaspoons of soaked cumin seeds works amazingly in treating the bitten wound.


Garlic is like an age-old panacea of all diseases. So, treating dog bites with garlic is not a big surprise also. With its rich antibiotic effects, garlic is known to act as a very effective agent in treating dog bite. Application of a garlic paste on the wound area or consumption of few cloves of garlic thrice daily can produce very effective results in a treating dog bite.


It is well known that lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and this vitamin C is very beneficial in treating dog bite. Application of freshly extracted lemon juice on the wound aids in combating, often witnessed delayed infection of the dog bitten wound.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil serves as Avery useful ingredient in treating dog bite. Application of a paste made up of mustard oil and red chili powder on the bitten area yield very effective results in addressing the concern. However, fiery the combination may sound its worth every bit of the anguish considering the beneficial effects it yields owing to the antimicrobial and antioxidant effects it richly packs in.

Sea Fish

Sea fish are a very rich source of vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids which play a very crucial role in boosting our immune system and thus help to produce protective antibodies against any infection resulting from a dog bite.


Walnut is a very effective home remedy for treating dog bite. Topical application of a homemade paste made up of equal proportions walnut, onion, and salt on the bitten area and protecting the area by bandaging with clean cloth or gauze help curing the dog bite wound faster. The addition of honey in the made paste provides additional beneficiary effects to the mixture.

All the above-mentioned remedies although are very efficient in treating or preventing other associated infections of a dog bite but are inefficient in protecting you from the primary scare of rabies viral infection. So, consulting a doctor at the earliest after a dog bite is the most sensible thing to do. But, taking the above mentioned precautionary measures and vaccinating your family dog and encouraging other’s to do the same on schedule and also adopting other preventive steps of avoiding dog bites like teaching everyone; especially children proper ways to behave with the pet, irrespective of its temperament and size, are very important as well.