These Easter perils can endanger your pet

As Easter perils are dangerous for pets to some extent, you should know the main three Easter perils that could endanger your pet. These 3 perils are very dangerous for your buddy pet. You should aware of these perils and keep your pets out of the range of these perils. Here are the three Easter perils that could endanger your pet.


Plastic can lead to a slow and painful death. Plastic accessories can be very dangerous for pets. Especially plastic bags are very harmful to the life of pets. Even plastic is also very harmful to marine life. Many plastic accessories could endanger the life of pets. The very common example is plastic toys which are very harmful to pets. Even people use plastic grass instead of using natural grass. This artificial grass is also very harmful to pets as well as for human beings. Same as plastic toys are very harmful to the children as well. There are some more materials that are very dangerous like foil wraps and plastic eggs. If your pet eats these materials, they can cause blockages in their intestines or food pipes. The only way to removes these materials from their intestines is surgery.

Surgery is a very painful process for your companion. Even these materials can cause gastroenteritis and pancreatic infections. Toxic chemicals are present in the plastic which cause many types of diseases. They can cause not ordinary but severe diseases. Then it leads to a slow death. So keep these materials made up of plastic away from your pet. Keeping these materials away from your pet makes them healthy.

Symptoms that show your pet has eaten plastic

  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Dehydration
  • Appetite loss
  • Bloating
  • Pain

Chocolate Easter perils

Eating any type of sweets can be dangerous for pets especially for dogs. These sweets are difficult to digest. They can cause severe allergies in pets. Chocolates contain Theobromine which is difficult to digest and metabolize by a dog. Humans can easily digest these components like Theobromine. But pets especially dogs metabolize it very slowly which can cause some severe issues in the pets. Theobromine can cause irregular heartbeat which can cause a heart attack and internal bleeding. Chocolates also make the muscles weak and increase the level of toxicants in their bodies.

Make sure to keep the pets away from chocolates to keep them healthy. Check your home thoroughly to keep your pets safe. Especially check the places where the pets can easily find them like the garden, kitchen and especially the floor. Check these places after the gatherings. Even a small piece of chocolates can cause your pet vomiting or stomach infections.

Different levels of Theobromine

  • Dark chocolates: It contains a high level of Theobromine.
  • White chocolates: They contain a low level of Theobromine.
  • Cocoa: it possesses a large amount of Theobromine.

Easter lilies 

Some plants are also very harmful to pets. You should keep your pets away from these plants or trees. These plants are either very poisonous to pets especially for dogs. Easter lilies are one of the poisonous flowers for pets, especially for dogs. Eating even one or two leaves of Easter lilies can cause danger to the health of the pet. Mostly dogs are the easiest prey of these plants. Tiger, day and Japanese lilies are included in Easter lilies. Eating any of them can cause severe diseases in the pet. To keep your pet healthy, keep them away from any of these flowers. Because these flowers can cause kidney failure or kidney pain. Even they react within 24-72 hours. But not all types of lilies are poisonous.

Some types of lilies are poisonous to pets. The toxic lilies can cause a sudden death so you have to take medical help immediately. You have to take veterinary attention as soon as possible. Otherwise, they can cause the death of your pet. Everything has some precautionary measure so they are very important to be followed. 

Symptoms of lily poisonings

There are some symptoms of lily poisoning in pets. Some are listed down:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart problems
  • Low appetite
  • Kidney pain
  • Pawing at the face


There are many things which can endanger the life of pets. We discussed three of them which are very common and very dangerous. Keep your pets away from at least these three perils to make them healthy and live longer. Make sure to inspect your pet at least two times a day because these perils started their work after two hours of taking them.