The Best Eye Drops for Dogs with Cataracts and Dry Eyes

Just like humans, dogs are also prone to several illnesses. Two of the most common are cataracts and dry eyes, which both affect the dog’s sense of sight.

A cataract refers to white cloudiness that forms in the eye’s lens, which is opaque in appearance. This opaque cloudiness prevents images from forming in the dog’s retina, making them unable to see. However, they are able to perceive light. The most common factor for a dog to have cataracts is genetics or heredity. Cataracts can be relieved through dog cataracts eye drops and can be completely removable through surgery.

How Cataract Takes Form

Dry eyes in dogs, scientifically called Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), is a condition where there is a deficiency of the aqueous tear film or the layer that forms the tears surface of the eyes. This will cause the eyes to be irritated due to the dryness and lead to excessive blinking. It can also cause a discharge of mucus or pus from the eyes. This is commonly caused by abnormal activity in the immune system and is hereditary in some dog breeds.

If your dog has either of these illnesses, it is best to have them treated right away. A means of medicinal treatment for cataracts or dry eye, even in dogs, is eye drops. The following are some of the best eye drops for your furry buddy.

LumenPro Pet Cataracts Eye Drops

LumenPro Pet Cataracts Eye Drops is a product that helps explicitly with cataracts in dogs. Produced by a franchise that improves dogs’ eye health, this product is known to have these two ingredients: 0.25% lanosterol and 1% n-acetylcarnosine.

Lanosterol is a natural compound that is said to dissolve proteins that build up cataracts, according to several studies. On the other hand, n-acetylcarnosine is a natural compound similar to carnosine, which is said to reverse cataracts’ effect. Both compounds are ingredients in eye drops for humans and some animals.

This specific product works on several animals, such as dogs, horses, and rodents. LumenPro Pet Cataracts Eye Drops are US-made and complies with the ISO and FDA guidelines. It is recommended by professionals and has a scientifically-based formula that is safe and gentle for your pet’s eyes.

Ocluvet Nutritional/Lubricating Eye Drops

Ocluvet Nutritional/Lubricating Eye Drops is a product that helps with the repair and prevention of cataracts in dogs. It is a nutraceutical, meaning it is part of food that benefits one’s health when ingested or taken in the body in any way. There are several ingredients in the drops that are combined to help protect your pet’s eyes. Some of the ingredients include L-Carnosine, L-Taurine, and Riboflavin Monophosphate.

As Ocluvet is built up of antioxidants and vitamins, it helps your pets’ eyes in more ways than one. One purpose of the drops is to prevent the forming of cloudiness in the eyes’ lens; another purpose is to keep the eyes lubricated. The latter purpose helps prevent the eyes from drying and the discomfort it would cause. This product is also applicable to pet cats. The dosage of the eye drops may vary per pet.

Can-C Eye Drops for Dogs

Another recommended eye drop product you could administer to your dog is Can-C Eye Drops. This product, having a counterpart for humans to use, contains n-acetylcarnosine, which, as explained previously, is a natural compound used to reverse the effects of cataracts. It also contains lubricants to help moisturize the eyes and rid them of any free radicals and prevent the development of the lens’s cloudiness.

Can-C works by having the n-acetylcarnosine reverse the cataract’s development and then make the cloudiness in the lens transparent for improved vision. The product has proven recovery results, where most dogs that used the product can recover within weeks. This applies to those with mild to ripe cataracts.

I-Drop Vet Plus Lubricating Eye Drops

I-Drop Vet Plus Lubricating Eye Drops is a product that helps prevent Dry Eye in dogs. The solution for the eye drops gives your pets relief in just a few blinks. One of its ingredients is Hyaluronic Acid, a substance naturally produced by the body to keep water for your bodily tissues to not dry up. Another ingredient is glycerin, a well-known moisturizer which also gives relief against any irritations.

Given those two ingredients to the eye drops, the effect it does is that the product prevents dryness in the eyes by moisturizing it or soothing any discomfort or irritation brought by the dry eyes. The dosage will vary per the condition of the dog. I-Drop Vet Plus is recommended to dogs with mild to severe dry eye conditions.

Pilocarpine Ophthalmic Solution

Pilocarpine Ophthalmic Solution is one of the products that veterinarians recommend for patients suffering from dry eyes. This is a solution you can have for your pet only if the veterinarian prescribes it to treat the dog’s condition.

This solution can also be used on dogs with glaucoma, a condition where the eyes feel immense pressure that leads to vision loss and is a probable consequence for untreated, dry eyes in dogs.

The pilocarpine in the solution is always either 1% or 2%. Whichever of these the dog will have is to be decided by the veterinarian, depending on how severe the condition is. If the dog is prescribed with the product, having specific instructions on how to administer it is important, as the wrong dosage, especially if treated on the eye, can irritate, as well as other possible side effects.


Having a pet dog is the best as they are adorable, trainable, and will always be there for you when you’re down. Owning dogs, however, or any pet in general, means that you need to be responsible for their needs, especially their health.

Suppose your dog suffers from cataracts, dry eyes, or any illness, it is important to consult a veterinarian to help medicate the dog instead of buying treatments immediately. This way, you wouldn’t risk your dog from more damage and ensure that they’ll live a healthy and comfortable life.

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