What is the solution of gagging after teeth cleaning of my dog by a vet?

Why do we need to clean our dog’s teeth?

It is necessary to maintain our dog oral health as it can lead to several diseases. By the age of 2 or 3, 80% of the dogs start developing dental diseases. The most common and early symptom in dogs is having a bad breath. Be aware of it as treatment at an early stage is far better. If we ignore our dog’s oral health, it not only builds plaque on his teeth but can also result in pain and tooth loss. Severe infections may lead to heart and kidney diseases and eventually loss of life. Who wants to see his friendly companion leave him? No one can even imagine. It’s better to prevent than to have a heavy heart.

What is hacking and gagging?

We first need to understand the concept of hacking and gagging. Hacking in dogs is a short dry cough that is loud and gives a rough painful impact.

On the other hand, gagging in dogs is a sound that is followed after or before a cough. It feels like while coughing, they are vomiting or trying to do it so.

Reason for hacking and gagging after teeth cleaning

Some of the reasons are below:

Veterinarian uses anesthesia while going through the dog’s dental treatments. One of the main reasons for hacking and gagging could be that the tube which the vet used during the treatment remained in the dog’s throat. It is not only for some time but for the whole period of treatment.

Another reason could be any kind of reaction. Yeah, you are thinking it right. Reaction because of anesthesia. Maybe the anesthesia which the vet used hasn’t come up good with your dog. The result is your dog’s not well and is suffering in this condition.

There are also chances that something has happened during dental treatment. There are chances that something is choked in your dog’s throat. This can be another reason for his sick behavior.

If your dog is already having collapsing trachea, then he is at more risk of developing this kind of problem. It is because the anesthesia may worsen the situation.

There can be many reasons for your dog to hack and gag. Maybe it’s a fault of your vet because of his less experience or maybe even with experience. We all are human beings and can make mistakes. The only thing is most people never admit their fault. In spite of all these facts, we need to learn how to tackle the situation.

 What can be the solution of gagging?

Every problem has a solution either big or small. We just need to focus a little and to be calm in the situation.

Your vet may prescribe you some antibiotics to prevent symptoms and further irritation.

Another solution could be providing him with some water as it will relieve his throat. If he is not sipping water, try giving him water with some kind of syringe. The more his throat is lubricated, the less he will feel irritated.

Let your dog rest as much as possible.

Try to provide him with a calming environment, so, he could stay as calm as possible. It will prevent him from barking. In this way, the situation could not get worse.

Try to keep him away from extreme hot or cold weather as everything in excess can cause damage to him.


Dental disease can cause severe health issues if not treated on time. The best way to prevent this is to take care of your dog’s oral health. Even though dental care may sometimes cause the problem of hacking and gagging in your dog, don’t panic. Try to reach the root cause of the problem as soon as possible and then treat it. A healthy life leads to a happy and sound life.