How to choose a GPS dog tracking system?

Dogs are humans’ best companions. They are a symbol of loyalty. From mood booster to walking partners, they serve us in the best way possible.

Are you afraid of losing your loved one?

What if he separates from you in a park or at roadside or beach or in some kind of crowd? You will surely miss him and couldn’t be able to find him because he can’t call you.

Every problem has a solution and so this problem has too. I know you are eager to learn about that solution. So here you go. Why not buying a GPS tracking system for the protection of your little one?

It will protect him and, in this way, your dog is safe to go with you anywhere and everywhere.

What is a GPS dog tracking system?

GPS dog tracking system is used to locate the position of the dog. The tracker is connected to the owner’s mobile via GPS.

It is a caution which relives the pet owner from tension and stress by providing safety to his dog.

Small Area

If you want a GPS tracking system for a small area, you need to go for a simple one.

Large Area

If you want a GPS tracking system for large areas, you need to go for the one which uses radiofrequency.

How to choose a good GPS tracking system for your dog?

Following points should be kept in mind while buying a GPS tracking system for your dog:

Battery life

The most important thing to keep in consideration is the battery of the tracking system. A better tracking system is the one that takes less time to charge and provides more and lasting quality features and battery life.

If it sends notifications every hour or every day, it is likely to have a short battery life.


The tracking system should be safe for the dog. In case if he tries to chew it, it must not be eatable. It must not hurt the dog in any way. Moreover, it should not give any kind of a shock to the dog if he bites it with his teeth.

As we all know, safety matters the most and is no.1 on the priority list for every pet owner.


What if you are not aware of the exact location of your dog? What if the tracking system is not this accurate?

It will surely cause problems not only to me but to you as well as being a dog owner.

The best tracking system is the one that notifies you as soon as your dog leaves from the safe zone. It is the one which tells you about the exact location of your dog in the shortest time possible.

Size of the tracking system

While buying anything for your dog, you must make sure that he remains comfortable. Comfort is an important point as it plays a key role in your dog’s behavior. If your dog is not comfortable, he will act weird and will not play with you. He will also try to bite you in some cases.

If the device is too large for your dog, it will just add extra pounds in his weight, leaving him in a distress position.

It will also not let him move around quickly and easily.

For these reasons, the tracking system should be small and lightweight. It must get fit on your dog’s collar so he doesn’t get disturbed additionally.


It is not possible to keep a check on your dog 24/7. Your dog may jump into a water puddle or he may perform other activities like this. If the tracking system is not waterproof, it will stop working. The GPS tracking system for your dog must be water-resistant as well as heat resistant as it will then assure better security.

Additional features

Let us talk about some additional features which some of the GPS tracking systems offer.

  • Activity tracking allows you to track the activities of your dog as well in addition to tracking his location. It helps you to keep the necessary changes in your dog’s routine.
  • A safe zone feature allows you to set a safe zone for your dog. It will notify you whenever he leaves that zone.
  • LED light
  • Camera


Of all the things, safety is the utmost priority. Buying a GPS tracking system is not so hard. You just need to have a little knowledge about what quality functionalities a good system should hold. Having good battery life, accuracy, durability, and suitable size, that tracking system fits in best to be bought. It is very important to care for your little one as he is not aware of what is good or bad for him.