Gray parrots talking & mimicking the voice of a human

The African gray parrots are among some of the most intelligent birds in the world. They have been known to be a very popular breed of bird for becoming pets to people are over the world too. Some of them have been known to have human instincts while others will literally mimic the voice of a human. Gray parrots can be trained to talk. They can be trained to speak words clearly, with words that people can understand. The people really enjoy gray parrots talking.

These well-known feathered friends have gained in popularity over the years and have declined in the wild. This is greatly due in part because so many people have domesticated them. Their gentle nature is common and they are usually not aggressive towards people unless they feel threatened.

When do gray parrots start talking?

Gray parrots can start to copy sounds at a very young age and copy words at a young age as well. The more the person speaks around the parrot the better because the parrot will pick up on the speech. Gray parrots have a reputation for being exceptionally clever and smart witted. Some parrots can even be taught to pick out certain objects for its owner in a game.

Where do parrots come from

Gray parrots come from West Africa and central Africa. However, there have been some gray parrots that have come from the islands around the Gulf of Guinea too. As stated above, there has been a decline in the wild for this type of bird. People have started to buy the birds and turn them into pets and teach them to talk. While there aren’t as many in the wild now there are measures being taken to preserve those left still in the wild. Some people disagree with making the gray parrots into domesticated pets and teaching them to talk. Although, they do it with such dignity and grace it is unbelievable.

Gray parrots are only one breed in the parrot family. There are many different breeds. However, the gray parrots can talk the easiest. These parrots have a red tip at the bottom of their tail as well. That is the only other color on them except for the gray.

Some parrots can live up to thirty years. The most famous parrot was purchased to disprove the fact that parrots could actually learn to talk. That they could only mimic what humans could say and not really talk at all. To the owner’s surprise the gray parrot learned over one hundred words and lived almost thirty years too. The gray parrot is an amazing creature and one that has the ability to copy a human’s speech and language. These birds are expensive when purchased in a pet store today and some have to be special ordered. But they are gray parrots that can talk.

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