How to find healthy dog food brand?

If you are a brand conscious in every field of life even about your pet then this post is only for you. Here you will find the top food brands for your dog. Having a pet especially a dog is not a piece of cake. You need to pay all of your attention to him otherwise you will be responsible for his bad health and bad behavior. Because when you will not pay proper attention to your dog his behavior will automatically become rude to you. And it is said: a person’s way to the heart is carried through his stomach. The same is the situation with the pets. When you provide them good and hygienic food to eat then your pet will be a tension reliever to you.

So here are some good food brands for your dog.

Good food brands for dogs

We have gathered top of the brands that are best suitable for your dog. Each of them is described below.

Barking heads beef Waggington wet dog food

This is a balanced diet food packet for your dog. It contains 85% fresh beef, it means it is a bunch of proteins for your dog. Moreover, it contains chickpeas, apples, and oranges so, it is a complete and balanced diet for your dog. Additionally, all the ingredients that are added in it are well preferred by 95% of dogs. Hence, you can call it a complete and preferable diet packet. It costs £1.75 for 300g.

Lily,s kitchen chicken & duck grain-free

Some dogs like grain-free food. Grain-free food means food without grains such as wheat, rice, maize, corn. In grain-free food, these products are eliminated due to the sensitive stomach of some dogs.

So, lily,s kitchen chicken & duck grain-free is complete dry food. Lily,s kitchen offers this grain-free food for enhanced nourishment of your dog. It is high in meat content that contains 31% chicken, 8% duck, and 30% (a well-defined portion) of sweet potatoes. Meat is the source of protein and potatoes fulfills the requirement of carbohydrates in this food.

In grain-free products, Harrington grain-free is also a viable option with 60% chicken and 26% dried potato.

James well-beloved dog adult duck & rice

James Wellbeloved is a brand specifically established to manufacture quality dog food. This food item contains an appreciable amount of every ingredient having 27% duck, 27% rice, and 12% organic oats. Hence, it provides your dog with a complete and balanced diet especially of meat and fibbers. Moreover, it contains omega 3 and 6, plus a natural prebiotic. This prebiotic helps to maintain a healthy gut.

In the same circumstances, you can also trust Sainsbury,s Hypoellergical chicken adult dog food with fresh lamb. This food is a chief source of meat that contains 60% lambs as well as 6% beef pulp.

Natures menu country hunter complete wild venison nuggets

These 80% venison nuggets are not only full of protein but they are also full of peas, Swede, carrots, blueberries, spinach, and even seaweed to provide an extraordinary balanced meal to your dog. All the effort you need to put is frozen these nuggets and before serving to defrost them. Natures menu kitchen is an incredible member of PFMA. These venison nuggets are a great source of almost every kind of nutrients. The ingredients that are present in these nuggets touch almost all the essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, and vitamins that are must give nutrients to your dog. So if you want to have a balanced and complete diet for your dog, you must try these venison nuggets.

Pedigree tasty bites – Cheesy Nibbles

To impress your dog through a cheeky treat we recommend you these Cheesy Nibbles. The best part of these nibbles is that they are suitable for both large and small dogs. They contain a well-defined portion of beef and cheese. Besides, they also contain calcium and vitamins for strong bones and unbeatable immune system of your beloved dog. The cheese added in beef snacks gives these Cheese Nibbles an astonishing odor and look, therefore this product is highly admirable as dog food.


The choice of food dog is not as easy as it seems. The whole nourishment of your dog is mainly dependent on his diet. Diet and hunger also affect the behavior of your pet. Therefore, you should be very choosy and aware in choosing a food brand for your dog. The brands that are mentioned above are considered among the best and most acceptable food brands by the dog’s owner. Hence, we have mentioned some of them here for your convenience.

Keep one thing in mind that whatever food you are providing to your dog, it must contain a well-defined portion of protein (meat) and vitamins. Besides this other nutrients such as calcium, enzymes, minerals, and fibers are also important for the proper nourishment of your dog.