Here is what to do with cat head injury!

There are many different types of head injuries in cats. Some of the symptoms are the same and some are neurological. Many different conclusions can be drawn when it comes to head injuries and cats. Some cats get head injuries when falling from trees, being hit by cars, being trampled, being attacked by dogs, and many other dangers cats face. Depending on how serious the head injury is determines whether the cat should go to the veterinarian or not, but in most cases it would be safe to take your cat in for a check-up anyway.

Treatment of a head injury

Treatment of a head injury is totally medical. Most cats with head injuries will develop some type of brain swelling. And, it has been noted that 10% of cats who have had head injuries develop seizures after the healing process. Veterinarians who studied the cats noted that those cats with head injuries were more likely to start having seizures because of the accident than other cats that had become sick with illnesses. Cats with head injuries are treated for brain swelling, neurological treatment, cranial treatment, and also fractures to the skull.

Your cat’s health

It’s important to take your cat in to see a veterinarian if it has a head injury. Some head injuries cannot be seen from the outside. If the cat has a bump on its head or a cut then you can tell it has hurt itself. At the same time if it is behaving irrationally and abnormally you should take it to the veterinarian if you think it has hit its head or has a head injury of some kind.

Comforting your cat

Let your cat know you are there for it. Make it as comfortable as you possibly can. If it is whining or meowing because it is in pain do what you can to ease its discomfort. Sometimes a cool cloth will help but not always. The veterinarian might want to keep the cat overnight for observation, if this happens be sure to leave something familiar with your cat.

What your cat will do?

Cats with head injuries most often will be still. They won’t move around a lot. They are in too much pain or they are disoriented. The cat would rather just be in one position then try to get comfortable more than once. It will probably lose its appetite and not drink but a little water at a time. It could even show signs of being nauseated and have diarrhea. It depends on how badly the head injury actually is and how It is   affecting your cat. The veterinarian will give you frequent updates and let you know what is going on with your cat as he gets the results. You will be in close contact with your cat. Head injuries can be dangerous but not all of them are fatal.

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