Homemade cat food is good or bad?

Cats seem like the most fun creatures on the earth. Cats have mysterious characteristics and friendly nature that’s why they are regarded as the most desirable pet. But keeping cat as a pet is not an easy task as cats are really moody and touchy about their lifestyles. Every cat owner wants to provide his cat with the best diet so most of the people try to go for ready-made cat food that is available in the market.  On the other hand, there are also some people who tend to think that homemade cat food is best for their cats.

Scary rumors

Although there have been some scary rumors floating in the air recently about the homemade food. Veterinary doctors are of the opinion that homemade food is harmful for the cats. They have mentioned many reasons in support of their theory, some of which are given below.

  • Homemade food for cat can never fulfill the standard nutritional requirements of your cat while on the other hand readymade food for cats contains all the nutritions in a balanced form.
  • Readymade cat food is hygienic while the homemade contains bacteria and other sort of germs that cannot be prevented how hard we try.
  • Your cat will never like homemade food.

Biggest problem

Even after all the above mentioned scary rumors, most of the cat owners are going towards the homemade food these days. They think it is more nutritional and more satisfying for their cats. The only problem with the homemade food that is faced by most of the cat owners is that preparing cat food at home takes a lot of time and effort. But once you are done with it then you can store it and use it up to six months.

Nutritional requirements of a cat

Most of the cat owners while making the homemade food get confused about the nutritional requirements of their cats. You must bear it in mind that cat food recipes should only be made at home if you are well acquainted with all the nutritional requirements of your cat. Otherwise you can seriously harm the health of your cat.

If you are preparing homemade food for your cat then you need to add proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, water, amino acids and minerals in the meal. Most of the cat owners also get confused about adding carbohydrates in the cat food. Well, you must keep in mind that carbohydrates are not a mandatory nutrient for the cats but it can be added in the diet in order to keep the cat’s body warm and provide extra energy.

Raw food or cooked food?

Most of the cat owners like to experiment with their cat’s food so they can see the cat’s reaction to different food items. Most of the owners have provided their cats with cooked homemade food and raw homemade food and have reached the decision that raw cat food incurs best effects on the health of your cat. If your cat is suffering from any sort of digestive issue or any other sort of health issue then it’s better to feed her with raw food for a few days. You will feel definite improvement in her health.

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