How cat fever can be handled?

When a cat gets a fever it gets hyperthermia causing its body temperature to be really high. The cat’s nose is not wet and cold as usual it is dry and warm. Sometimes, when a cat is running a fever it is due to a respiratory infection or a common cold. It could also be caused from the cat’s surroundings and the environment that the cat is in, sometimes the causes are really easy.

Symptoms of a fever

There are some situations where you can’t see the symptoms of cat fever all that well. However, there are some signs that are easy to see. If your cat has a loss of appetite for more than a week, or decreased drinking like it normally does. If your cat doesn’t want to play or doesn’t seem to have the normal energy it usually has around you. Another sign could be if your cat isn’t licking its fur or paws like it isn’t grooming itself like it should be. And of course it the car is coughing or sneezing. These are all symptoms that a cat could have a fever. If this is the situation it should be taken to the veterinarian and checked out.

What the veterinarian will do?

Usually the veterinarian will give your cat a check-up. And, if he or she wants a more thorough exam blood work or x-rays might be taken too. This will all be done to verify what is causing the fever to your cat. In most situations a remedy can be made and antibiotics or medication can be prescribed to help lower the fever that your cat has and the cause of the fever can be determined.

Taking care of your cat

After you find out the cause of the fever be sure to follow the veterinarian’s instructions for treatment. Keep your cat clean and give it fresh water. Be sure that it has a clean litter box to go to the bathroom as well. If you were given antibiotics or medication for your cat be sure to follow the instructions exactly the way they are prescribed for your cat. And, if the veterinarian has made a follow up visit be sure to take your cat back to him or her to make sure your cat is ok. Even if your cat is fine and seems to be all better. This way you know for sure whatever was causing the fever is gone and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

In conclusion, remember to always take care of your pet. Cats have feelings too. They can get depressed just like humans so don’t neglect them either. This can sometimes cause a pet to get sick as well.

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