How cat food analysis will keep your cat healthy?

Like humans, cats also need a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients. Most of the cat owners don’t have the clear idea regarding what to feed their cat and what nutrients must be present in their cat food. If you are feeding your cat with the readymade cat food then do keep in mind to read the nutritional elements present in the marketed cat food. The problem arises when you have to prepare cat food at home. Due to the recent rumors about allergies resulting from the use of marketed cat food, most of the cat owners prefer to feed their cats with the homemade cat food.

In order to provide your cat with a healthy food you need to make a detailed cat food analysis that will help you in mustering up all the essential nutrients in the homemade cat food.

Cats are carnivores

The biggest issue with the cats is that they crave for meat and chicken. If you will continuously feed your cat with meat then your cat will remain happy but the question is that will it also remain healthy by eating meat only. Proteins are essential for the health and wellbeing of your cat but proteins alone cannot fulfill the entire nutritional requirement of your cat. Cats, like humans need all sorts of nutrients in their diet.

Every nutrient is important

While making cat food at home, you must keep in mind to add proteins in high amount. Proteins are necessary for your cat as by nature cats are a meat eating animal. They tend to grab all of their energy from meat containing food items. But it doesn’t mean that other nutrients are not necessary. You also need to add food ingredients containing vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and water.

Detailed analysis

You might be wondering that why do cats need all these nutrients in their diet. Well, below is mentioned the detailed analysis of why every nutrient is important.

  • Protein not only fulfills the chewing craving of cats but it also provides energy to their body. Research has also proved that proteins make cat’s heart function in a normal way and make it strong. Cats are night creatures and can easily see in the dark at night this is the reason they need lots of protein in their food. Proteins make their vision more powerful.
  • Fats are also an essential nutrient for the cat as fats enable the digestive system of cats to digest the vitamins from the food.
  • Vitamins and mineral are also important nutrients as they provide the cat’s body with the immunity to fight with the diseases and keep the internal system going in a normal way.
  • Like all the other beings, cats also need water in their regular diet. Although cats don’t like to swim in water but they definitely like to drink water. You must take a great care while providing your cat with the drinking as it should be clean of all germs and impurities.
  • Carbohydrates are also important as they provide energy to the cat’s body. But you must keep in mind to add carbohydrates in a very small amount.

If you are purchasing the cat food from market then you need to check for the presence of all nutritional elements as without them your cat will not remain healthy. You also need to check for the stamp of the food control authority on the readymade cat food because without it the cat food might be harmful for your cat.

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