How Do Dogs Play?

Dogs need a lot of training from the beginning as they have sharp teeth through which they can mistakenly bite sometimes considering it a part of the play. Some people cannot even differentiate between dog fighting and dogs playing. Some people don’t know that how do dogs play as they don’t consider biting a part of playing.


Roughhousing is the one of the favorite things of a dog, playing for dogs with other dogs is a way to explore new things in the colorful world and socialize. It is not a bad thing as well, but in some cases it can be dangerous as well. While playing with other dogs, dogs may bark at each other, play bite or even spine, but that’s done in a gentle and a healthy manner. Although, it’s good to see the dogs doing this, but the game can turn harmful as well as if dogs begins to bite or play in such a way that can hurt others. There is some specific behavior of the dogs which shows that they want to play, so get ready for it. If a dog loves the play, then it can be easily seen through the face as when dogs love something they smile specifically. Some dogs crave interaction with other dogs to play, never stop them.

Rough behavior:

Dogs also play through rough behavior, but the owners should never encourage them to do so. One should always use toys to play with the dogs rather than using your (body parts) arms, knees and shoulders. Sometimes rough playing is learned by other dogs that are usually larger in the size, so if you notice any of these kinds of things, let your dog avoid this sort of company. Do make your dog a sober one; a person should never play tug of war type games with your dog.

Neuter the dog:

For dogs, playing is about to be dominant on the other dog, any other person or even the toys. Spaying your dog makes the dog easier to manage and can helps is lessening some of these impulses. Neutering the dog is the best thing to do if your dog is too much aggressive and starts biting.

Body language:

For most of the dogs, leaning, growling and a little barking is a simple part of the play. One must know the body language of the dogs, so that you will know when the dog is getting aggressive and you can instantly stop. Playing is definitely a good thing and should be encouraged as well but always make sure that it does not turns out to be something dangerous as rough play can sometimes leads dogs to a lot of serious injuries.

If the behavior of your dog changes too suddenly or it gets aggressive, then one must consult the veterinarian to get the dog checked. How do dogs play is fun to know as playing with dogs is itself too much fun.

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