How Do I Stop My Dog Jumping Up?

When it comes to showing your love towards your master, a dog is the only pet that shows unlimited love and unshakable loyalty towards its master. If you own a dog then you must have witnessed this demonstration of love and loyalty from your dog whenever you have met it after parting with it for a long time. But sometimes this emotional outburst of excitement gets a little out of hand when your dog starts jumping at you with its complete force. Such jumping can also be harmful for you. So if you are worried about how do i stop my dog jumping up then just follow these simple tips and tricks to control your dog.

Why do dogs jumps?

Before stopping your dog from jumping on you , you must first understand that why do the dogs jump at their masters. Simple, they like to greet us in their own emotional way. Jumping or licking the face of humans that they adore is their way of telling that they are happy to see us. But here we must keep in mind that jumping is not a harmless way of receiving the greetings from our dogs. So we must also teach our dogs about the other ways to greet as well.

Effective ways to stop your dog:

  • Well the first ever method that you can use to stop your dog from jumping at you is to change your behavior whenever you meet your dog after a long working day. If you show excitement towards your dog at the end of the day then your dog will show double excitement towards you. It will restlessly wait for your return throughout the day and will pounce on you with its complete force, the moment you will step inside the door. Your dog will only behave in this manner if it will get the idea that you want it to display this type of behavior. But if you just behave in a calm and relaxed manner then your dog won’t feel the urge to show excitement upon your return. So whenever you return home, be casual as if its just a routine matter and you are not excited to see your dog.
  • Another method that you can use is to ignore your dog when it is jumping up on you. For instance, you just came back from a market and your dog is behaving in an excited way to see you back. It is jumping up but you must not respond to its jumping. Instead, you should turn your back or step back. It’s also best to move away from your dog and approach your dog again after few seconds. You will feel that your dog has lowered its excitement and seems calm now.

Whatever method you use, you must teach your dog to show respect towards its master. If you will discourage your dog then your dog will realize that jumping up to its master is not an appreciable act. Just follow the above mentioned steps and remember that you should be firm, persistent and gentle towards your dog.

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