How is cat cough triggered?

There are many similarities between the nature of a cat and a human being. If we take a look at the biological factors then we’ll know that cats can also catch those diseases or viruses that are quite common in human being. Although it would seem weird but the fact is that cats also get affected due to the change in weather. Cat cough is a common condition in all those cats who feel extreme sensitivity due to the change in weather or environment. If your cat’s soft “meeeow” has turned to rough “khikhih” plus it’s facing difficulties in eating and breathing then it means that your cat is suffering from throaty cough.

Causes of cough

There might be various reasons behind your cat’s continuous coughing.

Allergic cough

Allergic cough or Asthma is getting quite common in cats. Almost all of those cats that spend their time playing in the woods or green lawns become a victim of allergic cough. Allergic cough occurs when any alien element irritates and causes inflammation in the airway of the cat. Due to this inflammation, the airways get narrow and breathing becomes very difficult. The lungs of your cat strive very hard to keep the breathing system going, that’s why your cat will cough most of the time.

  • Allergic cough is caused due to the presence of various alien elements such as pollen, litter dust, perfume, stress, mold, obesity, fire smoke, and cigarette smoke, powdered chemicals etc. Allergic cough can become dangerous if not treated on time so if you suspect that your cat has allergic cough then its best to get it to vet as soon as you get a chance. Your cat might also be coughing due to fungal lung infection. This type of infection can occur if a cat picks up fungus from any dirty place but it can be treated with the help of antibiotics once detected.
  • Another reason behind your cat’s cough might be lung cancer.
  • Another common reason for feline coughing is heartworms. This type of coughing occurs due to the bite of mosquito. Cats that tend to live near mosquito infested areas are very much at risk for this type of cough. It’s not easy to detect as the symptoms are very similar to the allergic cough but if the preventive vaccination is injected to the cat then the chances for getting this virus are low.
  • Coughing can also occur if your cat has pneumonia.
  • Coughing is also a symptom of heart failure.
  • Coughing due to worms is also a normal issue in cats.
  • Cat cough also occurs if the cat collar is tightly tied on the throat.

How to diagnose the type of cough?

If your cat is coughing more than often then it’s best to get your cat examined by a vet. A vet will start the treatment after finding out the type, nature, timing, and reasons behind the cough.


Depending on the nature and reason of the cough, your vet will prescribe antibiotics, cough suppressants and steroids for the cough. Sometimes supporting drugs are also prescribed and sometimes there is no other option but to go for surgery in order to cure the cough.

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