How long do female dogs bleed?

It is recommended to each and every owner of female dog to be ready for the cycle of estrus in her. This cycle of estrus is totally same like the menstrual cycle of a woman. There is only one difference in these cycles which is that estrus cycle in female dogs occurs for only two times per year. Female dogs start to heat at the age of six months. To know more about how long do female dogs bleed, you need to read the below described heat cycles and bleeding stages in female dogs.

Timing of bleeding in female dogs

Timing of bleeding in female dogs is not specific because it can occur from 6 to 20 month of age in female dogs. It is seen that female dogs of small breeds use to come into estrus earlier as compared to those female dogs that are under the heading of larger breed. Female dogs have estrus cycle for at least two times on annual basis. These cycles last for 20 to 24 days. When this cycle is about to start in female dogs, she shows some signs as well. You can surely see some behavioral changes in her and these changes are same like the change of emotions in a woman during her cycles. Some common signs in this regard include: irritation, restlessness and increases clinging.

Female dogs are also seen licking their vulva on frequent basis during these cycles. If we look at the seasonal timing regarding these cycles in female dogs then the months are January and March. August and October are also prominent in this regard.

Stages of bleeding

There are four stages of this cycle. These cycles are: postures, mating stage, diestrus stage and anestrous.

Proestrus Cycle

This is the very first stage regarding the heat cycle in dogs. This stage lasts for at least 10 days. During this phase of bleeding, female dog starts bleeding from her vagina. This bleeding prepares your female dog for the phase of pregnancy. It is also observed that female dogs are very sensitive during this period and they do not want mate. If you are a female pet owner and you want to cope with this very situation, there are so many things that can help you for sure. You can follow these points in order to keep your home or building clean during the bleeding phase in female dogs.

Mating Stage

This stage is the second stage of bleeding cycle of a female dog. This stage lasts for almost 9 days. Here, at this point female dog is able to mate. If you are not thinking to mate her with other dog then you should keep her inside the house.

Diestrus Stage

This is the third stage. Here, bleeding lasts for 10 days. Wall of female dog’s uterus become thickens. Her mammary glands get enlarged.

Anestrous Stage

This stage lasts for at least fifteen weeks. Here, the female dog shows no interest in mating.

All the above mentioned stages are very common stages of bleeding among female dogs. Hope this article could help you in order to know about female dog bleeding stages minutely.

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