How much should I feed my cat explained!

Taking care of a pet seems like the most sensitive task in the world. If anything goes wrong during feeding or grooming our pet then the poor thing would have to suffer the consequences of our wrong doing and the worst thing is that our pet wouldn’t even be able to complain about it. So, whenever any person brings home a cat, he gets extra sensitive about caring for that cat. There are many cat owners who don’t even know the proper dietary requirement of their cats. So the question how much should I feed my cat arises in the mind of almost every cat owner.

In order to seek the correct answer of this question, most of the people tend to follow the feeding instructions mentioned on the back of cat food package or tend to call the vet of their cat but the thing that must be kept in mind is that every cat has different food requirements from the other cat.

No need to fuss over your cat’s feed

The thing you must keep in mind is not to get too fussy while feeding your cat as cats don’t need continuous feeding. Recent research has revealed that the ratio of Feline obesity is increasing in the cats with every passing day. Nowadays almost 60 to 65% of the cats are considered to be obese due to their constant eating habit. You will be shocked to know that feline obesity produces the same effects on cat health that can be seen in humans due to the effects of human obesity.
Due to the issue of feline obesity most of the cats suffer from: Asthma

  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Other heart issues
  • Digestive and intestinal issues
  • Heart burning
  • Other respiratory issues
  • How many times should I feed my cat?

In order to find out the dietary requirements of your cat, you first need to find out the body weight of your cat. An average cat needs almost 24 calories per pound weight of his body. Next you need to check out the calorie count mentioned on the back of cat food boxes. Most of the times, pet owners don’t tend to understand the calorie count mentioned on cat food, in such a case its best to seek advice from a trusted and registered veterinary doctor.

Feeding schedule

Most of the people don’t think about setting a proper meal schedule for the cat, instead they tend to fill their cats bowl with food at all the times. Granting your cat the free access to the food will lead him to feline obesity which is extremely dangerous for his health. So if you want your cat to stay healthy then its best to feed your cat almost two to three times a day.

At the very least, your cat must be fed in two little installments. If you think that your cat is getting less food then you can also increase the feeding installments from two to three of four. But before increasing your cat’s diet, it would be much better to seek the advice of a veterinary doctor.

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