How much wet food to feed a kitten?

No matter what the age of the kitten is when you decide to adopt a kitten, then proper care and food should be provided. Feeding the cat which is already grown is not a tough task as they can also eat dry food, but feeding the little ones is not so easy. Here is the answer to how much wet food to feed a kitten.

 Feeding tips from birth to four weeks

In this time period the kitten is still with his mother, but if she refuses to feed the kitten there could be a lot of reasons. When the mother refuses, then the only thing you can do to keep the kitten alive is hand feeding the kitten. You can use feeders, bottles and injections to feed them, at pet stores many sorts of milk are available especially for the kittens.

What to do when the kitten is four months old (from four to eight weeks)?

The best food to give to your kitten when he/she is four to eight weeks old is a mixture of dry kitten food mixed with cat milk. As soon as the time passes, reduce the amount of milk you are adding.

Food for two to three month old kitten

Kitten should be provided with kitten food until they are not ten weeks old, but during the time period of two to three months they develop their preferences which are going to stay forever with them. You can also provide your kitten with food supplements, but before doing so one must ask the veterinarian. When the kittens are of this age, they should be fed many times a day like three to four times is a must. Whatever you want to give your kitten, dry food or wet food it’s your choice.

Food for three to six months old kitten

When the kitten is in this age; they requires a lot of protein, so before buying food for them one must check out the ingredients and a person should never change the choice of the food unless it becomes necessary. In this time period, you can switch the feeding from four to three times and your cat should be weighed frequently, so that you can adjust the amount of the food you provide to her.

Food from six months to a year

When the kitten is six months old; it’s ok to call him/her a cat, add a lot of protein diet in your cat’s foods as it is easily digestible by the cat. When the kitten finally grows up, their choices get limited to specific type of food only. There are many brands of foods available for cats in the market; there are foods for special problems of the cats as well like problem of urinary tract infection or hairballs.

You can provide your cat with both dry and wet food as they can digest both in this age, besides buying from market you can also make your own food.So, the answer to how much wet food to feed a kitten depends on their age.

So, the answer to how much wet food to feed a kitten depends on their age.

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