How to bath your dog in a recommended way?

Having a pet that plays the role of your best friend, companion seems like the best feeling in the world. But once you bring a pet in your home then it means that you have a responsibility towards that pet. Caring for that pet, feeding that pet, keeping it clean and healthy are some of the basic duties that you have to perform every day.

Dogs make a wonderful pet but keeping them clean is not an easy task. If you want to keep a dog then you must bath him on regular basis. If you are new to the world of pets and don’t know how to bath your dog then below are mentioned some of the easiest steps that would help you pass through this ritual on a regular basis.

How to select a shampoo for your dog?

Selecting the best shampoo for your dog is a very important part of the bathing ritual. Before going for this step you must keep in mind that the human skin and dog skin are totally different in density and sensitiveness. The density level of dog skin is 50% lesser than the human skin but the sensitivity level is 50% higher. So, you need to take great care while making the selection for the shampoo and conditioner.

Try to get a mild pet shampoo and conditioner for your dog. Apply little shampoo on a small portion of the dog’s body and wait for five to ten minutes. If the skin remains normal and the dog doesn’t show any sign of skin allergies then you can proceed with the bathing. But if your dog is showing the allergy symptoms from a normal pet shampoo then its best to consult your vet before going for any other shampoo.


Try to bath your dog with normal human shampoo if the pet shampoo is over or your dog is showing allergy to the pet shampoo. Human shampoos are much stronger but also can seriously harm your pet’s skin.

Indoor bathing or outdoor bathing?

Most of the people are confused about bathing their dogs indoor or outdoor. The answer is simple: it all depends in the weather. If the weather is cold then you need to perform the dog wash inside the bathroom but if it’s hot, sunny day then you can easily bath him in the lawn. Before bathing your pet during the winters you just need to make sure that the water is Luke warm or normal hot. Remember the temperature of the water must not excel the body temperature of your dog; otherwise it can burn the skin. So, keep in mind to check the water temperature with your hand before putting your dog in the bath tub.

How to bath?

To perform the dirty dog wash, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Keep all the toiletries ready by the bathtub
  • Check for the temperature of the water
  • Slowly put your dog inside the tub and wet his body
  • Apply shampoo over his wet body and rub lightly as if you are giving him a massage
  • Leave the shampoo on the body for five to ten minutes
  • Keep in mind never to apply the shampoo on the face because it can enter the eyes or the dog could lick it into his mouth
  • Wash the dog’s face with wet towel, flexible cloth or a sponge
  • Rinse off the shampoo
  • After rinsing off the shampoo you need to stand back because the dog is going to shake off the water and you can receive the burst of water in this process
  • Use towel and then hair dryer to dry your dog

After the bath

When you have dried the dog, you can clean his ears using the cotton wool and clip his nails if they are too long. Try to treat your dog with something yummy every time you bath him because it will encourage him to take his baths in a peaceful way.

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