How to build a reptile cage at home?

Learning how to build a reptile cage on your own is not that much difficult. It can easily provide your reptile with a comfortable as well as safe home in a natural environment. Before building any cage, you must have an idea regarding the species of reptiles. It is so because different species have different cage needs.

Observe your reptile’s behavior

The most important step in this regard is about the behavior of your reptile. Observe his behavior minutely and notice the things in the best possible ways. In this way, you will know about the water as well as light needs of your reptile. The environment of the cage must be like the natural environment of the reptile. For instance, a tube cage will be perfect for a chameleon. Snakes, turtles and frogs need some water also in the tank. Putting some small insects will also be a perfect option as some reptiles eat them for sure. So, the environment of the case plays a very important role. You can set a proper environment in the cage only by observing the behavior of your reptile.

Selection of material

This point totally depends upon your budget. If you can easily spend money on the cage material then you can make a good cage for sure. Common material used for this purpose include: glass boxes, wood, plastic, acrylic, mesh or screen. You are supposed to buy some glass panels. Attach these panels together. You can also attach these panels with the help of plastic or wood frame. If you go for using plastic then it will be very helpful because these cases last very longer as compared to reptile glass cages. For walls, you can use glass, wire mesh or wood.

Size of reptile cage

Size in terms of cage matters a lot. It is very important to provide the reptile with enough space in the cage so that he could move freely in the cage. The space of six square feet is required for medium sized reptiles. On the other hand, large sized reptiles need space of almost eight square.

Cage ventilation

Ventilation of the cage is also of great concern. In this regard, there are so many options such as: pegboard, holes or wire mesh. Mesh and screen are needed for chameleons because they need airflow’s plenty. Make sure that you have fulfilled the needs of ventilation according to the type of reptile you are having.

Construction of cage

After you have got all the required material, start the construction process. Attach all the walls of cage with the help of glue or wood. Cutouts should also be created for ventilation.  Construct a reliable door in the cage. There must be some latches or you can say hinges along with the frames of door. Make sure that door opens down or sideways. Place all the inside material in the cage such as: stones, grass, small plants, insects, water, etc. If you want some additional final touches then you can do that for sure.

This way, you can be done with making the reptile cage at home. Make sure design the cage in a way that it should not get broken after a couple of days or its joints should not get free soon.

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