How to Choose a Quality Food PLUS What is THE BEST Quality dog Food?

Choosing a high quality commercial food for your dog seems like the most difficult task on earth. If you take one look at all the commercial food items then all of them would seem to possess similar qualities.  Each of them will seem perfect due to the attractive packaging and inclusion of interesting ingredients but the issue is how to choose the one that is right and what is the best quality dog food?

First of all we must ponder over the type of food that might be beneficial and nutritional for our dog.  You must try to go for the food that is rich in proteins, oils, natural fats, vitamins, minerals and is low in calcium, and carbohydrates. You must also check that dog food must be free from any sort of preservatives, by-products extracted from vegetables/animals, added coloring, and artificial flavors. The food must be based on an animal source that should be non-generic.

Things to keep in mind before going for a high-protein dog food

The common perception is that if we feed our dogs with dog food rich in protein then this could be injurious for the hips and joints of our dogs. However the reality is slightly different from this perception.  If we keep on over-feeding our dogs with high-protein food then this could be harmful but if the high-protein food is fed in a balanced form then it will be good for the dog’s health.

Most of the dog owners get very cautious while feeding protein-rich diet to their dogs due to the high ratio of various skeletal diseases in dogs such as hip dysplasia. But the reality is that these diseases do not attack due to protein-rich diet, in fact they occur due to:

  • High intake of dietary calcium
  • Genetical issues
  • Over-feeding of protein-rich diet

Another important point is that you must never let your puppy do the over-eating. Try to set an eating schedule for your puppy and follow that schedule strictly. You must never put excessive food in your dog’s bowl and leave it lying around for the day in front of your dog.

Easy nutritional measurement

If keeping all the nutritional requirements in your mind seems like too complicated then all you need to do is to bear in mind that the dog food you choose must be low in proteins and high in fiber.  The dog food must also be rich in fats but moderate in calcium. If you are still confused then here is a nutritional requirement chart for you to keep in your diary so you can easily choose a high quality dog food.

Nutritional requirement chart to select the best dog food

This nutritional requirement chart has been created and released by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). According to the chart, the dog food will only be considered as best or high quality dog food if it possesses 37 essential nutrients including 12 minerals, 10 amino acids and 11 vitamins. Another simple idea is that if your selected dog food is rated with five stars or four stars then without any doubt, it is high quality dog food.

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