How to cure kitten eye discharge?

A normal healthy cat has bright clear glassy eyes. While a cat that has gooey gloomy looking eyes with an eye discharge isn’t healthy. There can be several causes for kitten eye discharge. One of the main causes is that the cat has gotten a severe cold and it has an upper respiratory infection. This means you should take the cat to the veterinarian to get antibiotics for the cat to get better. Sometimes however, the discharge is due to other reasons such as allergies. Pollen and other outdoor factors can play a part in the eye discharge of the cat too.

Problems from eye discharge

Some of the problems caused with eye discharge can cause blindness or irritated eyes. There can also be serious and severe consequences with cat’s eyes that might require surgery to correct. Pink eye can also be a problem as well as corneal issues. Only a veterinarian can discover the true problem with why a cat is having an eye discharge.

Cat eye discharge is fairly common in sick cats and those cats that have been neglected. The discharge can get so bad that the eye can become matted shut and the cat would be unable to open it. Allergies also play a big part in the problem of eye discharge as well.

Treatments for cat eye discharge

There were several different treatments for feline eye discharge however a veterinarian needs to determine what the cause is first. For example, if a cat has pink eye then the treatment would be different from a cat that has an upper respiratory infection. Treatments are effective as long as you get to a veterinarian in time. The overall cost of the treatments differs depending on what type of treatment your cat is having done too.

A good home environment is the key for a healthy cat. A good clean litter box is a must too. You want your cat to be happy and healthy. In addition, taking your cat to the veterinarian for regular checkups also helps. Cat eye discharge can be controlled once the condition is known. Therefore, the problem can be corrected.

In many cases it only takes a few days for cats with eye discharge to clear up and many felines have no further problems with the cat eye discharge. However, if the cat is found to have allergies causing the discharge, medication can be prescribed for the cat to prevent further complications. This should take care of any further outbreaks of cat eye discharge with your cat and it should be able to have a pretty normal life after it has been to the veterinarian and the problem with the cat’s eyes has been solved. Sometimes the cat’s age will be a factor in the situation but not all the time. A healthy cat is a happy cat!

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