How To Diagnose And Treat Cat Breast Cancer?

Although it might seem like a bit shocking but yes its true, cats do suffer from cat breast cancer but in cats this type of cancer appears in the form of mammary tumors. Feline cancer is getting quite common; around 90% of female cats become victim of mammary tumors. The issue with mammary tumors is that these types of tumors tend to grow and spread at amazingly fast rate.

Symptoms of mammary tumors

Mammary glands first occur in the form of innocent looking masses. But with the passage of time, these masses turn into destructive tumors. These masses slowly turn into painful ulcers. Due to the pain most of the cats try to lick the area but this licking further worsens the condition and these tumors become infected and smelly. Most of the cats with mammary tumors are also going to reveal the symptoms like loss of hunger, lack of energy and severe depression.

How mammary gland tumor can be diagnosed?

If your cat is showing the symptoms of mammary gland tumor, then it’s best to schedule an appointment with the vet. The vet is going to diagnose the tumor with the help of an aspirate needle. If the conclusive results are not revealed with the help of aspirate needle then the vet will move on to the option of biopsy. During the biopsy, the vet will try to collect a portion of the affected mass and send it to the laboratory to find out the nature of the tumor. During the aspirate needle procedure, the lymph nodes present in the nearest region might also be analyzed because lots of time tumor spreads to the surrounding areas at very fast speed.

If the vet suspects that the cancer has spread to the other body parts then he will also administer a Radiograph X-ray. This X-ray along with an abdominal ultrasound will help the vet to reach the areas that might be attacked by the spread of tumor. Most of the vets would also suggest some blood tests in order to reach the depth of tumor spread.

How to treat mammary tumor?

Treatment would basically depend upon the nature and level of the cancer. If the cancer is limited to the glands then the doctors would suggest going for the mastectomy. During the mastectomy, the mammary glands, related tissue and the nipples would be removed.

Mastectomy can only be performed if the tumor is smaller than two centimeters but if the tumor has spread to other parts of the body then there would be no other option but to go for the chemotherapy. According to medical experts, the survival chances of a cat with mammary gland tumors depend on the early detection and treatment of the tumor.

How to prevent mammary tumor?

Cat mammary tumor ratio can only be decreased if the cat owners have their cats spayed at very early age. It’s best to have your cat spayed when it’s below the age of six months. Another thing that you should keep in mind is to check your cat regularly for the presence of mammary gland tumors by observing the symptoms.

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