How To Do Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

The dog’s education is vital to learn good habits in his living environment and also allows the animal to become a good pet if you favor the approach of positive reinforcement dog training, that is to say, by rewarding the dog when it is good, not punishing it when done something wrong.

When taking the decision to adopt a pet, it is crucial for the comfort of all to train it at the outset good behavior by promoting positive practices, known as positive reinforcement dog training. Your duty is to teach your dog to obey using friendly methods that do not involve the submission. To avoid misunderstandings, you must encourage your four legged companion to learn rules of life to better control his daily activities.

Why to educate a dog?

Some owners mistakenly think that dog training results in the malaise condition in these pets as we give them orders. I answer YES if you use the traditional methods based on coercion or physical punishment (use of choke or electric collar). We must understand that to educate a dog is to teach him good habits and this must be done as soon as your pet gets home.

To educate your dog with a positive approach

The key to successfully educate your dog is a thought leader rather than dominant master because if you want to build mutual trust, share good moments, understanding, communicating, good teaching manner and have a better relationship with your dog, you need to accumulate the necessary knowledge in inspiring you by professionals who operate the best educational methods based on reward.

Before starting

Your role is to educate yourself by learning positive learning methods because the dog’s education depends primarily on the education of his master. Otherwise it will be impossible for you to teach him what is good for him if you do not understand the principle.

Help your dog by strengthening

Strengthen an action or behavior means to follow immediately for something rewarding for the dog, such as food, an approving look or caress to increase the probability that the say again. The dog learns independently of any education provided he receives a reward for his action. Reinforcement will be followed by greater effect if it was private for some time because it sets the action in the dog’s mind: the desire will be even greater than it will be happy to receive the gratuity. If using the food, it is advisable to keep the dog fasted before beginning rehabilitation or, if the reward hugs, avoid cuddling for about two hours. It is different from the candy, which always has a positive value even if the animal has consumed an abundant meal shortly before.

There then exists a special form of strengthening: the negative reinforcement. This is a distressing or painful stimulus for the dog, which the animal accordingly adopt a behavior to avoid it. In similar circumstances, he will repeat this behavior. Negative reinforcement must be strong enough to frighten, but not enough to traumatize.

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