How To Get A Bird Out Of Your House?

Birds are curious little creatures and sometimes they make their way to places they aren’t really expected in. While the tiny little buggers are cute little feather-balls to many, encountering them within the walls of a house can terrify many. There’s also the safety concerns that can make a person want to get rid of them so if you want to know how to get a bird out of your house and lead it back to nature’s arms, this article just might be your savior.

Don’t panic

It may seem like a hopeless or a terrifying situation but it’s really not that much of a big deal if the bird doesn’t directly pose a threat to you. Calm your nerves and think rationally, you’re strong and courageous and you can deal with this.

What are you dealing with?

Try to have a good visual and have a good look at the kind of the bird that you’re dealing with. When you know the species or the family of the bird, it’s easier to contemplate the possible reactions of the bird to your actions. It would also help you decide whether you want to deal with it yourself or if you should call for professional help.

Don’t make the bird bite you

Try not to agitate or irritate the poor bird, it does not want to hurt you but you might make it react aggressively if it senses danger. Don’t create any loud sounds or swift movements that may scare it.

get a bird out of house

Hide and seek isn’t always fun

If vague attempts at making the bird fly away caused it to hide or go somewhere you did not expect it to, don’t force it to come out or try to hush it away. It is going to come out when it feels comfortable.

Pave the way

Confine the bird to the room you spot it in and figure out where it came from, close all the doors and windows that may lead in or out of the room except one. Keep the passage wide open.

bird out of home

Guide it toward light

Turn off all the lights in the room and make sure the place is as dark as possible so that the bird is attracted to the passage with light coming in from the outside. In general, most of the animals tend to move towards the light. There should only be one source of light so the bird doesn’t get confused.

how to get a bird out of house

Let patience be your friend

You can’t force anything on the bird, it does not understand English or any other language for that matter so try not to make things worse by forcing the bird to get out or it may attack in defense or cause damage to the surrounding things if they’re fragile. When the bird finds its way to the outside, it will ultimately fly back into the wilderness. It may take some time as the bird is in an environment foreign to him and may be hesitant to move.


If you find a bird in your house come of a really expensive or rare breed, you shouldn’t let it go, you can adopt it and start caring it. You can make a good use of it, e.g. you can sale it to the right person in a really handsome amount.

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