How to get my cat eat cat raw food diet?

There are two groups of people who have contradicting views regarding cat diet. First group thinks that cat diet must be available in a packed form so it will be free from any sort of dirt, germs or bacteria. This group thinks that marketed or canned cat food is best for cats as it includes the nutrients in a balanced form and according to the daily requirements of a cat. While the other group thinks that cat raw food diet or handmade cat food is more healthy and beneficial than marketed or canned cat food. According to the views of this second group, marketed cat food contains preservatives and additives in the food that can create digestive issues for the cat and it can also cause severe allergies to your cat.

Although both of the groups are correct in their own view but recent research has also suggested that raw or homemade cat food is best for cat if prepared in a hygienic way. Before we reach any conclusion, we must keep in mind that cat prefers natural foods in comparison to the canned food items and that cats prefer to eat meat.

Fresh raw diet

You must provide your cat with fresh raw diet especially if you are providing your cat with meat items. You must get fresh meat items for your cat and try to avoid using any old meat for your cat otherwise your cat will have to suffer the consequences. While providing meat to your cat you can use the meat of rabbit. Rabbit meat can be provided in raw form but again you must get fresh rabbit meat for your cat. Other than the rabbit meat, you can also provide your cat with thighs of turkey or chicken. In order to make these thighs hygienic and free from germs or bacteria, you can bake them partially.

You must keep in mind that if you won’t provide your cat with fresh meat then your cat will try to hunt for fresh meat in order to fulfill its requirements. Most of the cats love to hunt for the fresh meat of pork, duck, goat, beef, fish, mice, rabbits, venison, and eggs.

How to get your cat to eat raw food?

Some of the pet owners complain that their cats are not interested in raw food diet. The main reason behind introducing your cat to the raw food diet is to make it eat healthy food. If your cat is not eating raw food then you must present it in a different way. Try to introduce the meat and other raw products in different forms and in small amounts so your cat can get a taste of raw items. Slowly your cat will like to taste the raw things and will ask for more.

Serve warm

Another thing you must keep in mind while serving raw food to your cat is to serve the warm diet. Most of the cat owners make the mistake of serving cold or frozen raw food and later on complain that their cats don’t show interest in raw food. Cats hate cold food so try to microwave the food before serving it to the cat.

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