How to get rid of allergies to dogs?

How to get rid of allergies to dogs is an important question when you have a pet dog in home. Dogs can suffer from different kind of allergies which irritate the dog and can even make the situation worse for you also. So, it’s better to start the treatment on time before it turns into a huge disease. If you want to treat the dog on time you must know the symptoms of the allergies that can occur. If you are familiar with the symptoms then you can give your dog a proper treatment yourself or by the vertanian.


There are different kinds of symptoms and behaviors of the dog which can make you realize that it is suffering from some kind of allergy. Some of them are given below:

  • When you see that your dog is having obsessive licking feet or other area of the body
  • When your dog start unstoppable scratching
  • In case of allergy to food diarrhea and vomiting can occur
  • Sometime sneezing in dogs is a sign of allergy
  • Ear infections are a very common allergy in dogs
  • Remedies:

Find out the type of allergy

  • Firstly, when the question arises that how to get rid of allergies to dogs, the most important things is to find out that which type of allergy it is. When you will be familiar that from which thing your dog is allergic then you can prevent it from that thing for the future and go for the treatment. Allergy can be because of different indoor things like from eatables and may have outdoor allergy. In case if you cannot configure it go for vetranian, he will conduct necessary tests which will let you know about the allergy.

Preventing & treating for allergy at home

After you get to know about the allergen then it’s your duty to prevent your dog from that thing. If the allergy is related to skin then solutions and medicated shampoos are available in the market for the treatment of dog’s skin allergy but never use anything without getting advice from your vet. In addition to this dogs sometimes scratch due to flea infestation therefore using a flea shampoo while showering can help to get rid of these blood sucking pests.

There are two types of allergies, some are long term and some are short term. If the dog suffers from an occasional episode then you must take a step to treat the allergy before it get worse. The allergy in early stages is cured very easily with a little medical treatment. In case, when the allergy of your dog is a constant problem then don’t try to give the treatment at home. Visit the vet for the proper treatment but along with the vet you also need to look after it to make sure that your dog’s situation is not getting worse.

Natural treatments

There are some natural treatments which can help to prevent your dog from allergy, it includes:

Oatmeal bath: In case your dog has a skin allergy oatmeal bath is a good option.

Clean house: Indoor allergies include allergy related to dust or mold. To avoid this keep the house clean. This is how you can almost get rid of allergies to dogs, remember, if you are unable to handle the dog allergy by adopting these ways, immediately visit the vet and get advised.

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