How to give a cat first aid & in which cases?

Even though everyone who owns a cat does all they should to try and keep the pet safe and healthy, sometimes bad things just go wrong. If something does go wrong it is a good thing to know a little bit about what to do about it. Although, knowing basic cat first aid shouldn’t take the place of actually getting your cat to the animal doctor when you can.

Be ready

It’s a good idea to have a basic first aid kit made up and at the ready. Just in case your cat falls or gets sick. Have some gauze bandages and tape as well as other supplies of this type included in the kit. Have a cold pack in the kit in case your cat is running a fever and needs to be cooled down. Add things that you think would be essential in the care of your cat until you could get it to a veterinarian should it fall or get sick.

Don’t panic

It’s really important that you stay calm. A pet can detect stress and will feel stressed also. If you are attempting to care for your cat and you are nervous the cat will pick up on your feelings and feel insecure too.  Always keep really important phone numbers close by so you have them ready if you need them. Some veterinarians have numbers where they can be reached after hours in cases of emergencies. However, not all animal hospitals are available like this. Be comforting to your cat letting it know it will be ok and that you are right there with it.  It’s a good idea to call in advance before you take off and go to an animal hospital too, that way they will be expecting you and your cat.

First aid emergencies

If a first aid emergency arises it should not be taken lightly. Essentially, there are several different things that can happen that require first aid for a cat. These include insect bites and wounds that require the attention of a veterinarian. And also the fevers that cats can get from having a simple common cold or allergy of some kind. A typical allergic reaction to something could put a cat into convulsions or a fever just as it could a small child.

Knowing is what matters

The best thing to do is be prepared. And know what to do should the need arise. Knowing first aid for cats is a good lesson to have. Cat owners everywhere are ready should something happen, and they know what to do. Have the number to your veterinarian at the ready just in case you should need it too and you are well prepared.

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