How To Introduce A Kitten To Your Cat?

Introducing a cat to another cat is tough as compared to introducing a cat with a dog; the reason for this is a cat doesn’t sees a dog as someone who she is having a competition with, but a cat sees another cat as someone competitive to her. Even introducing a kitten to an adult cat is also easier than introducing an adult cat to another adult cat. For the future of these cats living together, a little bit effort in the beginning can bring a lot of change. How to introduce a kitten to your cat is quite a stressful question, but here are a few steps for assistance.

Step 1- Plan

When you are going to introduce your cat to a new kitten, make sure your cat does not feel uncomfortable. If you are going to buy a kitten; always keep your adult cat in the mind, so if your cat is too shy you should never go for a kitten that is too friendly and outgoing. For some time; arrange a separate room for the new arrival and when they become friends with each other, then you can make a combine room for them. Provide your cats with a lot of food and toys to distract them from each other, keep them busy in different things until they become friends.

Step 2- Meal time friendship arrangement

When you have introduced your new kitten to the adult cat, always make sure that an introduction is not enough as they have to be friends as well. So, whenever it’s the meal time let them eat together. Serve them in a single pot; if one of the cats does not like to eat in a shared pot, then serve them in another pot and provide them enough space.

Step 3- Provide them with the best environment

Set up an environment that both the new kitten and the adult cat will love, don’t rush to the cats introduction as they will be friends soon when they will get comfortable with each other till then provide your cat with cat toys and the things they love, so that they won’t unlike each other. Remember that some cats are social and some are not, but once they get friendly they are the best of all friends.

Step 4- Keep in mind the territorial rights

One should never forget that cats do not like change and as I have already said that they do not like change, so they will notice even the little things like addition of anything new in their territories. On the arrival of a new comer, the first reaction of your cat can may be anxiety or confusion, remove this anxiety by showing them that you love them. If your cat is unhappy with the change, don’t let them be unhappy as you have to change all the things back which made them unhappy.

The above mentioned tips are useful in knowing How to introduce a kitten to your cat.

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