How To Know When To Put A Cat Down?

Cats are loving creatures which make your home feel no less than heaven. As life goes on they become our friends and we come to adore them till their last breath hence the decision of euthanizing your cat is beyond woeful. Even though it is a matter of personal preference, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility and duty to put aside your own emotions and to make your cat’s needs your primal concern. Knowing the right time to carry out this task is very crucial. There are a number of ways to how to know when to put a cat down. These are discussed below:

Consult an expert

Book an appointment with a vet. A vet’s advice would be very valuable as he will only be concerned about the well being of your cat and his judgement will strictly be professional rather than personal feelings clouding his thoughts. He will tell you quite clearly about the health of your cat. Even though your choice and decision hold value but you need to know that your decision should be in the best interest of the cat.

Only option

This one is the very obvious situation. You know your cat’s suffering and pain is beyond tolerable and curable then the best option is to euthanize cat and put it to relief. Initially this choice will be very difficult but soon you will find comfort in the fact that your cat can now rest in peace.

The rule of five

To keep a gradual check of your cat’s health over a certain period of time make a list of five things that your pet enjoys. For example, chewing toys, running to the door, playing fetch, etc. That way you can keep a track of his health by noticing what activities he no longer enjoys or how less he enjoys them. Does he enjoy taking a walk 60% or 10%? How many activities he no longer enjoys from the list you made? One? Two? Or all of them? This particular method will give you a rough idea about what is right time.

Other than this, these are the questions you can ask yourself; Is my cat showing any signs of intolerable pain? Has my cat entirely stopped eating and drinking, etc? This is a guideline to keep a check on your cat’s health.

Putting yourself in your cat’s situation

If your judgment is getting blocked by feeling of guilt or remorse or just the fact that you don’t want to let go of your beloved pet then try to imagine yourself in his position. Would you be able to endure that kind of suffering, neither can your cat? A cat’s system works quite similarly to that of humans. Seek help from your vet and inquire about what exactly your cat is going through. This will help you in understanding the level of pain your cat is going through and will aid you in your decision making.

Lastly, in case you’re wondering if the process itself is painful, the answer to that is no. The vet gives an overdose of certain anesthetic and the pet slowly and peacefully slips out of his misery. This decision is hard to process but eventually you’ll come to accept it and realize it was the best you could do for your dear cat.

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