How To Leash Train Your Dog?

Having a dog by your side makes life more fun, enjoyable and merrier though the task of training them might get a bit daunting and challenging at times but it’s all worth it by the end of the day. Every dog needs to have a basic dog training to lead a healthy and balanced life and as the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure you train him appropriately.

The primal step towards how to leash train your dog is to make him get used to the leash without him lashing out at you or tugging at the leash. If you’re having trouble with this specific process then worry no longer, I’ve got you covered. Here’s how to:

Patience is everything

When it comes to dogs, there are no shortcuts or hard and fast rules. Every breed has its own caliber hence they’ll react differently to the process. Some might pick it up quickly, others, not so much. Try to take baby steps and not rush into things and eventually your patience and hard work will pay off.

Selecting the right collar

Make sure to choose the right size of collar for your dog. It should not be too tight that it irritates him neither too loose that you loose control over him. There are a couple of types of leashes to choose from so choose wisely.

Introducing collar and leash to the dog

Whenever you choose to introduce the collar and later the leash to your dog, make sure he’s in a balanced state. He should be calm rather than over excited, jumping on you or in some cases, even getting aggressive because then you’ll have a temper tantrum at your hands to deal with. To put the collar on distract him with something else. Make him get familiar with the collar by making him wear it when you’re playing or when you’re walking with him inside your house. This will portray the collar as a less hostile object and your dog will be more accepting towards it. Let him process all of this and gain his trust and confidence, then proceed.

Going for a walk

Now comes the hard part. Again, start with making sure your dog is in a balanced state. When you first take him out for a walk he will pull at the leash and get too excited. Wait for the exact moment when he stops acting crazy and calms down, reward him quickly. Rewarding this behavior will encourage your dog and convey to him what kind of behavior you appreciate. If he’s pulling at the leash or starts to act out, just stop and don’t respond to him which will discourage this behavior then again there will come a point where he calm’s down, reward him in that moment. Make sure to keep the leash short but not too much that you’re dragging him by your side.

Lastly, remember to keep yourself cool and take your time. There’s no magic potion going to work instantly. Be persistent, don’t give up and be patient. Strive to achieve a little bit at a time. Good Luck!

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