How to make bird identification By Color?

Birds are the most colorful creation in the universe. Their beauty and elegance is because of their colorful feathers. There are some common and basic colors of birds which help the humans during bird identification by color.

  • Every single basic color present among the variety of other colors which beautify the birds and sometimes cause the problem for the birders to identify them. However, with a great knowledge and experience birders can identify the birds at once by their colors as well as shapes, beaks and other characteristics.
  • In order to facilitate the people during the identification process the basic colors are given a prime importance. Sheen, violet, buff, white, orange, pink, yellow, black, grey, blue, brown, red, tan, green, rust and olive are among the important basic colors which are used to identify the birds at a great extent. So, colors can said to be the characteristics of birds which are used to identify them properly.
  • As every human being has his own ID card number assigned to him similarly the birds are given the specific identification owing to their basic colors.

Color pattern is the hidden secret

For a common man, almost all the birds look quite similar in color and shape. However, upon observing the exterior body of birds we can realize that every individual bird has its unique basic color and color pattern. The pattern is the main thing which assists the birders during the identification of birds by different characteristics. Bird identification by color is not just a fun but contain years of experience and field work.

Categorization of birds at the base of colors

It is not possible to identify millions of colors at the base of some basic colors. So, different kinds of species are categorized at the base of colors. Different species come under the range of a single color. Some examples are given below:

  • For the yellow colored birds there are the bird species like tropical parula, Siberian accentor, Banaquit, golden winged warbler, orange crowned warbler and a lot more.
  • Blue colored birds can be categorized into blue finch, red pertin, orange winged paraquet and many others.
  • Purple finch, purple martin and band tailed pigeon are among some of the common types of purple colored birds.

Sharp your observation

Therefore, we can realize that the colors alone cannot help properly to identify the birds however they are one of the most important characteristics which can help out the identification of birds by humans. The identification of birds by color is therefore an important process which needs a keen observation and differentiation ability for identifying the birds. Many birds contain almost similar color pattern and identical colors so they need the categorization and identification at the base of other characteristics like length of beak, length of body, natural habitat or others.

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