How to make bluebird houses at home?

Blue birds are among the most beautiful, attractive and wonderful bird’s species which are highly liked and caught by human beings. It is very important to provide the natural habitat to these birds in the form of blue bird houses because they love to survive in the most natural form and remain happy and convenient in the open fields, isolated trees and other such areas where they can remain away from the hectic and noise full environment of human beings.

However, these birds are being intensely caught and preyed by man in the last few decades so it is important to protect these birds and help them in their evolution of natural survival.

Participation in protection of blue birds

Blue bird’s houses are an easy way for us to help them in their war of survival. The more protected and facilitated they are the happier they can be. So, you can participate in the survival of these birds by making different kinds of blue bird’s houses. Owing to the intense cutting of woods and other such kinds of places the species of blue birds is getting highly disturbed. We can help these birds by providing them the blue bird’s houses which can resemble to their natural habitats. Placing the houses in the place which is similar to their natural habitat can help a lot in their survival. We can easily make these kinds of houses for the wonderful blue birds at our homes also. If you can follow these simple steps you can make a beautiful blue bird houses and can participate in the protection and survival of the blue birds.

  • Gather the material which is required for the construction of a blue bird house like screws, wooden shelves, saw and other things.
  • Mark the wooden shelves at the length, width and angles where you are going to cut the wood. For the large sized house you need large shelves and huge angles whereas for a small sized blue bird house you can 14×10 cm long and wide wooden piece.
  • Before assembling the wooden pieces, mark out the place for ventilation in the front and side ways lids of the house.
  • Assemble the pieces at the marked places and leave the space which you have made for the ventilation and other such processes.
  • Create the drainage spots at the base which can help the blue bird house to remain clean and dry.
  • At the top of the house you have to drill a hole which can be used for various purposes. Place some kind of pipe or strip at the hole for keeping the house clean and dry.
  • Mount the blue bird house at some kind of open, green and healthy environment at the suitable height so that the birds can easily find and live in it.
  • In order to attract more birds towards the blue bird house you should always mount it while facing towards trees. This will help the birds to make the blue bird house their home.

These techniques of making the blue bird house can help you a lot save the blue bird from climate effects and other hunting harms.

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