How To Make Poodle Puppy Cut?

Poodles are famous puppies for their nice and cute look and different style. They are also known for hypoallergenic coat. They require lots of attention from the owner to keep the allergies avoided and to keep them well groomed. Many poodle puppy owners look for the ways to groom their puppy at home so that they can better do it themselves. Here we are going to direct you the ways to make the poodle puppy cut on your own so that you can better make the look of your puppy more charming and attractive.

Items that you need for the hair cut:

  • The electronic clippers that must be interchangeable
  • Scissors
  • Slicker brush
  • 10 clipper blade
  • 15 clipper blade, it can be optional
  • Clipper comb
  • Comb

These things are required to make the hair cut of the poodle. You can follow the steps described under to and you will know how to do poodle cuts in a proper and charming way. Make sure you follow the exact methods to make the cuts stylish otherwise you would not be able to make the it prominent.

Step 1

First of all, give your dog a good bath with shampoo and conditioner. It is necessary to give him bath before the hair cut because in this way you will find it is easier to comb your puppy and make his style. Make sure that all the parts of his hair from head to toe should be dried properly. They should be dried all the way down so that the style should be done properly. If not then there will be lots of uneven places left.

Step 2

Now put the no. 10 blade on the clippers. It is used for the best trimming of the face tail and feet.

Step 3

Start clipping his face. Now cut the hair from ears to the nose. Trim the hair between the eyes and under his chin. Leave a thin layer of skin around his neck and under the ears.

Step 4

Trim the hair of his tail but make sure the area is very much sensitive. Be gentle, finish the trimming of his tail in a round way; you can leave a pompom at the end of his tail.

Step 5

Now start shaving your dog’s feet. Do not shave the legs of your puppy. Also never miss the hair between the toes of the puppy.

Step 6

Give the tail a fluffy look with the help of the dryer. Carefully cut the pompom to give a round shape with the help of scissors. Do not make it very small; adjust with the size of the puppy.

Step 7

Comb the ears of the puppy carefully. You can use the scissors to trim the hair around the bottom of the ears. Poodles normally have long hairs on the ears. You can keep them shorter or little longer as per your wish. They look good in both styles.

Step 8

Brush the hair on the topknot and make a puff. You can use scissors to round it off.

Step 9

Brush the whole body of the puppy so that it looks perfect. The neat cutting and trimming of the dog will make him look fabulous. If you feel that there is still some mismanaged hair part then you can cut them with thee scissors in an organized way.

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