How To Make Shih Tzu Cute Haircut On Your Own?

The shih tzu puppies are very adorable puppies. They are the favorite puppies of many people around the world. They can be styled in terms of hair in number of ways. Here are few tips related to the various air cuts of this cute puppy.

If you are a lucky guy who has got this cute puppy, you must know that this breed is famous for being friendly, playful and very active. It is also known to those who have them that their hair is like a big mop that can be tangled easily creating problems for the pet. Not all the haircuts look same to all dogs. The style is different on different dogs. To make Shih Tzu cute hair cut at home, you will have to follow below mentioned guidelines so that your puppy can look more charming and stylish.

Tools you need to have:

  • Shampoo
  • Comb
  • Hair dryer
  • Scissors
  • Shavers
  • Pins or pony
  • Towel (optional)

Key points to keep in mind

Keep the face in mind

First of all, keep the face of the Shih Tzu in mind. You should examine the face cut of the dog in mind. The face can be completely clean form hair to prominent the face cut. The beard and the whiskers can be trimmed long or short as per your choice.

The Topknot can be good or not

The top knot is to tie the hair of the dog using a rubber band. It can be long and thick. All the hair on the dog’s head can also be shaved short.

The body of the dog can be trimmed short or may be left hair of size one inch. According to the season, the length of the hair can be chosen. For example in winters, the long hair on the body of Shih Tzu looks great. In summer, their coat serves very good purpose keeping them cool in warm seasons.

The ears

The ears of the puppy are also the main part off his body. It highly depends that how your haircut will fit to the length of the ear hairs. The hair on the ear of the dog can left long as they are silky. You can make them round or you can trim them completely. Both of the styles suit them.

The tails

The tail is most of the time not touched by the people. They leave them as it is. They just maintain its original style. They comb it, never leave it neglected. You have to comb and brush them several times a week to make it look neat.

Unlike the other dogs that have same haircuts all the time, the Shih Tzu has got many varieties. You can have his long hair, knots, divided cuts and short hair. All these hair styles suit your dog a lot. The longer hair, shorter ears, and rounded heads all styles are best for this dog. Therefore, it is possible now to make ShihTzu hair cut on your own. You just need some ideas and should know how to apply them on your puppy.

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