How To Potty Train Puppy Tips?

It is quite exciting when you bring a puppy at your home and eventually get connected with that sweet nascent housemate. You start treating that puppy like a child. You plan different ways of training so that you can adjust the puppy in your house. The very first thing which comes in our mind is how to potty train puppy. Precisely, many people would be anxious as it is not rapidly progressive as they hoped. Each puppy shows variations in behavior which presents different hurdles regarding their trainings. This article will elaborate useful techniques which will certainly help you out for potty train your puppy.

Familiarize puppy to the new house

Being a new family member, the puppy will be bursting with curiosity, fear and excitement of visiting a new place. The best thing is to develop a friendly relation so that he may get some time to settle down into the new environment. Familiarize puppy with new people and things and be consistent in upbringing of your puppy. Let your puppy go only on those places where they are allowed to go. In the beginning, do not allow them to explore their own. Shut down the doors of those rooms and areas which are limit off for them.

Keep an eye on their doings

While training, keep your puppy at such place where you can easily observe them all times. Mostly, puppies have to exclude their stool after every hour except when they are sleeping. They usually show indications such as whining, sniffing, barking and scratching when they want to eliminate the stool. If you observe such symptoms, immediately take your dog outside the house.

Select a potty zone

If you see your puppy doing potty at the undesired place, make a sudden noise of clap or say any specific sound such as, ”No” and lead them to the specified place. This will develop a sense in puppy for potting at designated place. Your puppy will smell this area and start to associate the particular zone as “Bathroom”.

Make potty time a relaxing time for puppy

Encourage your dog patiently, uphold and wait for the time to go outside for doing potty at the specific place. It would be better if you choose an area outside the house so that you may keep an eye when it is done. Go for a walk with puppy unbridle them and let them relish the freedom as every dog wants to enjoy. Allow them to recreate themselves in their own style and let them do whatever they want to do to make them feel appreciated.

Wash the place in case of accident

It is important to wash the place of accident thoroughly if the puppy did the potty accidentally so that he may not smell urine at that place and keep the habit of going to the specified place. Make a use of enzymatic cleaner which must not contain ammonia as urine has such smell.


Always apply lovable ways or techniques to potty train your puppy, never force or beat him to do the things, this way he will be adamant.

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